Best Horror films

i’d love to help you out but i got no likes for naked lunch so i decided to ruin it for everyone

The Orphanage was great
Very apooky


Love the Orphanage. Still remember the entire cinema jumping out of their skin at a couple of bits! Proper apooky stuff :wink:

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Don’t Look Now
American Werewolf in London
Cabin in the Woods
The Fog

I’ve not seen this…but I did see (and enjoy) the recent BBC serial based upon the story. The first episode in particular was really sinister.

Anyone else a big fan of the song from the beyond?

Would just let the DVD menu play on loop.

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Going to enjoy this thread for finding more obscure stuff…but for my money:

The Shining
Salem’s Lot
Crimson Peak
Paranormal Activity (just the 1st one…though no.3 is alright)
Let the Right One in
The Blair Witch Project
The Babadook (gets in because of its more original points…some parts are embarrassingly hammy)
Get Out
The Others
The Witch
The Omen

Then two that are probably other genres crossed with horror:
Pan’s Labyrinth

Arguably only Rec is a typical zombie/virus survival horror. Usually they bore me to tears (e.g. 28 days later)

The film is really grim, it’s like a kitchen sink drama or something, and richard attenborough is absolutely chilling as christie.

Apookalypse Now