Best household chore

Mopping innit.

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Does pressure washing count. If pressure washing counts the answer is absolutely pressure washing


The feeling of dominance over your kingdom that only the use of a Kärcher can bring


Great shouts

Someone went in my dad’s shed and nicked his Karcher. Still annoys me to this day. I noticed that the light was on in the shed in the middle of the night as well, so nearly caught them in the act. Went outside and think I heard footsteps around the corner

Doing the dishes, cos it’s relaxing and has a good before/after impact on the tidiness of the place.

Ironing is alright too cos you can watch football or a film or something during it.

A lot of people have dishwashers though, and weird numbers of you don’t iron, so you’re missing out on the good chores.


Mops are shit. I don’t understand them, surely you’d want the mop to have something on it for scrubbing so you can actually clean the floor rather than just swilling liquid around?

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Oh I wasn’t saying it does the job, just fun

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I agree with the dishes one. Stick the radio on, have a bit of a daydream while you’re doing it, etc.

Ironing not so much for me.


Think changing the sheets on your bed has a good effort to satisfaction ratio.


Literally the worst chore! Hate it when that day arrives on the calendar every year


+1 on ironing - very therapautic

Washing up can gtf though

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Too much effort that one. Although I did used to enjoy one of my exes doing it, as they’d somehow manage to get all tangled up in the duvet cover.

Everything except putting clothes away.

Can find pleasure/satisfaction in every chore but that. Hate it with a passion.

Really like cleaning the bathroom sink.

Chores in order of preference (best first):

  1. Washing up
    1a. Laundry
  2. Dusting
  3. Ironing
  4. Sweeping
  5. Bathroom cleaning (except shower)
  6. Mopping
  7. Hoovering
  8. Mowing grass
  9. Cleaning the inside of the shower
  10. Defrosting the freezer

Worst is pots, 100%.

Quite like doing the laundry. My sort of task - about a minute of light work, then sit down for an hour. Repeat.


i really enjoy tidying up. would happily be a cleaner as a job.

worst is anything outside especially gardening.

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Started tidying the house when I come in a bit pissed after the pub, can listen to some tunes, doesn’t seem to take as long.

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Mopping?! Nah mopping sucks, it’s clearly washing dishes.

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Another vote for washing the dishes. Every morning, watching the birds on the feeders outside while I wash up - it’s quite mindful.

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