Best ice pop flavour

  • :brown_circle: Cola
  • :red_circle: Strawberry
  • :large_blue_circle: Raspberry
  • :yellow_circle: Lemon
  • :orange_circle: Orange

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Cola absolutely rinsing all the others

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Deservedly. Worst looking though.

And rightly so

2nd best is orange. Cheers.

Just put some Vimto ones in the freezer

Would love one now

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Didn’t even realise cola was so popular

  • Ice pop
  • Ice pole
  • Other (SPECIFY)

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Shocked there isn’t more votes for raspberry tbh.

Is the sexiest to look at

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Lemon is the champ, come on everyone vote lemon!

Blue. Is that raspberry? Blue for sure x

Forgot the green one

  • :green_circle: Roast turkey with sage and onion stuffing and gravy

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