Best Irish TV programmes


Father Ted (although Channel 4 and very much a BRITISH programme) is clearly the best
Then Moone Boy
Then… that’s it, isn’t it?


There are none.


Thought you were into Mrs Brown’s Boys?


Kallgeese has asked me to nominate Mrs. Brown’s Boys




I’d like to nominate Le Tournoi.


Is that your favourite episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys?


Was there a Commitments series?


Irish Don’t Tell The Bride is pretty decent



I did see an Irish Masterchef - it was weak.


No, but that’s fine seeing as the film was absolute rubbish.


I quite enjoy how incredibly low the production value is compared to the UK version, it’s quite nice


What about Once, the series?


I’ve never seen ‘Once’ and am unaware as to whether there is a series or not. I do know that there is a stage show and that might fit the bill for you, International Soft Man that you are.


Once was one of the most painful couple of hours of my life.


James Nesbitt


Extreme Fishing with Larry Mullen Jr


Didn’t want to say this in the thread last night but that’s because Glen Hansard is a fucking muppet. And probably because the story is awful too. And she was about seventeen when they met in real life and he was about thirty-five.


the bit in Alan Partridge when he goes ‘deres more to Oireland den dis’


Ballykissangel seemed pretty authentic I imagine

(never watched it)