Best jar versions of stuff you should probably make yourself but you can't be arsed to sometimes


This is good, Bo’s have started doing jars of curry sauce with a spice mix to cook the protein in, very good if you simply can’t be arsed of an evening:

Gonna have pasta and meatballs tonight but I cannot be arsed to knock up a sauce, what is the best jar?


A genuine fan of Dolmio bolognese sauce. I know it’s slightly nicer if you make it from scratch, but for the price and convenience this is absolutely fine and indeed a nice meal.


We don’t make our own miso paste, so buy something like this instead.


This doesn’t really count I’m afraid




‘protein’ used in this sort of context irks me a lot, just thought you ought to know.

good luck with the rest of the thread!


Because this is an everyman thread about supermarket staples


How come? I didn’t want to just say ‘chicken’ on accounts of how people don’t eat chicken sometimes


There is no decent widely-available jarred green pesto, is there?


In terms of the OP the Lloyd Grossman tomato and chilli sauce is decent and easy to find


Absolutely fine


garlic and onion version of the dolmio tomato sauce is WELL fucking handy in a pinch


Yet to have a jar of disappointing pesto…is it a case of once you’ve made it yourself, there’s no going back?


Who is your favourite one out of the Dolmio puppets?


I don’t think it is, sadly.

^yep. Should never had bothered.


home made pesto is the food of the gods


All jarred pesto just tastes way too vinegary.


This also irritates me


I regularly make vegan pesto (just pesto but without the cheese)


just so good. so moreish as well. if i have a bit of home made pesto when it’s fresh made, i’m going to eat all of it extremely fast.