Best jar versions of stuff you should probably make yourself but you can't be arsed to sometimes

no but the tesco finest one is veggie friendly and very good

On a sidenote, I don’t normally buy into gimmicky product innovations but stock pots are much, much better than stock cubes




oooh, might pick some up later, might have pesto pasta for me din dins (who am I kidding, I’ll also pick up a pizza)

I use mine straight away.
My fave meal is what I call super green gnocchi
it’s asparagus, broccoli, peas and spinach with the pesto and the gnocchi


Tons better. Supermarkets do equivalents now which are just as good as Knorr. I whack them in lots of things - chillis and stews etc.

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Best jar curry isn’t even in a jar:




the tomato one is very good

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Yeah no difference between own brand and knorr but that are streets ahead of their powdered cube brethren


nobody on earth makes their own miso paste


Really don’t understand why you’d buy a pre-made tomato sauce thing. Saves absolutely no time; still gotta fry stuff, and you’re not losing any time by throwing in the spices or salt or whatever it is you’re putting in whilst it’s frying. Only thing that’s easier is you don/t have to crush garlic but seriously get over it

There’s no limits

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Pesto on pizza :pizza: :kissing_heart: :ok_hand:

Had one of these in my cupboard for a couple of months now. Scared of getting the coconut milk bit wrong. I need to LEARN COCONUT MILK

what’s there to learn about coconut milk???

I’m very much with you, however my loathing of my new kitchen and desire to spend as little time as possible in there has led to some real corner cutting lately which is a genuine shame as I really like cooking.

barilla pasta sauce the best of the jarred pasta sauces I reckon. specially the olive one

I can see how they’d work in a stew/curry etc…but if you’re making a risotto and need a pan of stock on the go…I just presumed cubes work better.

I never use it, so pretty much everything really