Best Jokes of the Fringe 2022- a critical review

One of my most memorable encounters was seeing an Orca feeding up close. Felt awestruck seeing the circle of life in all its magnificent glory. Was a bit of a downer when I had to tell Brian’s family, but still a solid 9/10 experience.


Not sure why the pasta joke needs to stipulate “female guard”, the joke would work fine without it unless you’re so thoroughly patriarchy entrenched that you need prior warning that guards can be women in advance of the punchline.

  • I would go to see Sarcastic Fringehead
  • I would not go to see Sarcastic Fringehead
  • Maybe if I was very bored or very drunk

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There’s never been a funny joke, these lists simply hold a mirror up to that reality


Mitch Hedburg is rolling in his grave



Some people say that the secret of great writing is brevity. I say that those people are in fact incorrect and actually brevity in writing really isn’t that important, the more important thing is to write every piece of detail so that your audience couldn’t possibly misunderstand the things you are writing and you’ve fully expanded on the point you are making which makes it much more powerful, and in this case, funny than the shortened alternative.


The best comedy doesn’t have any jokes.

I do like the Time Machine one though


That pasta joke is proper awful. 4th one is the only one that made me even smile

Should have said Cut the Fringe off.

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It’s literally the worst of the bunch

Who is grading these

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Gah, these get worse every year. That pasta joke could have been made up by a 6 year old.

I’d have given the award to Hannah Fairweather out of those.

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Soft spot for this one


Erm, “couldn’t get past him” doesn’t work though?

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Hope this is a joke

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Told by pal my wife’s off to the Caribbean. “Jamaica?” he asked. I said no, her name’s Susan, for fucks sake mate you were the best man at our wedding, you should know that.



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No but you could take the word “female” out though and leave the punchline as “past her” unless you feel that everyone is default male unless specified otherwise?


People keep asking me if I’m town for the comedy festival. I tell them no actually, I’m here for the big door trade show, the Edinburgh Hinge

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I feel seen

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