Best Kept Secret Festival 2018 Thread


Probably just for me this thread, but fuck you.

First time I’ve been to a multi day festival alone and the editor of the website I’m writing for keeps going to see shitty bands so I haven’t bumped into him yet.

I always wonder what’s going through the head of Future Islands bass man. Looks like a proper DiSer.


Trail of Dead did Source Tags and Codes from start to finish but most of the audience didn’t seem to know what that was. Weird seeing a band do a set based on an album when the audience are mostly indifferent.

Best reaction came from that Richter Scale Madness song or whatever it’s called. Enjoyed shouting fuck you at the band.

The bassist was just ‘wowing’ these American girls in the press area. Here he is with one of them. They were all very American.

I didn’t realise you couldn’t bring booze from the camping area into the band arena, so I smashed three beers and put the other three in my pants while I walked past security. I’m pretty smashed right now.


heartwarming to see that TST Fest is catching on elsewhere


Tyler, The Creator is playing at the moment, but I can’t get the energy to get up. Might just wait for Deerhunter.


The editor guy has asked to stay in the same tent as me. It’s a 2 person tent, i.e. fucking tiny. I sent him a photo of my airbed taking 2/3rds of the space. He’s not sleeping on my airbed.


The pancake stall says pancakes not pannekoken. What a joke.


He said that’s fine. I had hoped he wouldn’t.


Turns out this is a cashless festival. So glad I pulled out a load of cash before I left.


Eating pasta because it was the place with the shortest queue. You have to prioritise.


Asked for een pasta putanesca, alsublieft. Then he asked me something in Dutch and I had to say “I don’t speak Dutch, sorry”. One day I will understand.


Turns out putanesca is spicy and now I have the hiccups. I’m still hungry.


Editor guy has stopped responding to my messages, which is fair, he is probably watching some music band. I, however, am having a second dinner (:burrito:)


He got a locker for me. I’m supposed to be writing about this festival, which is why I brought my laptop. Now I just have a bag with me and don’t have the locker key he got me. This would never have happened if Cool blue didn’t have to pick up our faulty washing machine this afternoon.


Forgot how amazing burritos are


Just saw a guy who looks exactly like the guy at the post office I had an argument with earlier. I hope it’s not him. He said a UK Drivers License is not acceptable ID. I called him a piece of shit.


Loving your work here @ma0sm :+1:


Who is this guy? Kept staring at him, was almost certain he is in Weezer. He walked to the artist area after my stare. Bugging the shit out of me.


€1 off your beer if you reuse your cup. No I would not like it in the same cup, but I would like you to take this one and give me €1 off.


On average Dutch people are the tallest people in the world. I’m 6 foot and can see fuck all.


Editor guy got in touch. Trying to meet up with him, but to be honest, just enjoying having a bit of a sit down while I wait for him to arrive.