Best Kept Secret Festival 2019 Thread

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Anyone going this year? I am.

Dates: Fri, May 31, 2019 – Sun, Jun 2, 2019
Location: Somewhere near Tilburg, NL




@ma0sm you’re only allowed to go this year if you once again post in here and update us on your drunken antics


also - don’t miss Crack Cloud


Nice, gonna watch any bands?

Yeah i definitely will
Especially excited about the sunday

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Has anyone had bad experience with the caterpillars?

I’ve heard it’s supposed to be worse than ever this year. I didn’t have any problems last year, but this description on the organiser’s own website suggests that this is a serious issue.

nope but camped next to someone last year who got some nasty rashes from them

Today is the day!

Lovely weather for it! I’ve got a long day ahead of me so gonna try and get there and get setup in time for Shht. It’s looking ambitious at the moment.

Got here too late to see Shht. The tent was rammed. Didn’t even blow up my airbed to make it in time. What a waste.

Gone straight to the press area. In the happy hour queue.

Stage three has been replaced by one of those stupid outdoorsy stages

I am dressed as Underscore for Real Power Talk. I hope I don’t get shit on later as I will be interviewing a band about shit.

Interview went great. Went back and pumped my airbed up. Now back out in the same outfit still. It’s cold now.

Someone has asked to Vlog with me in the press area based on a photo of me draped across a car in short shorts. It’s a long story but she’s gone now and were fairly sure she had been taking cocaine.

I haven’t seen any music yet. Spiritualised don’t count because they are boring.

They’ve upgraded these screens

Bon Iver isn’t a headliner, is he? He sounds amazing but no-one knows these songs.