Best KEXP Sessions (rolling?)

There’s a thread for NPR Tiny Desk sessions but I watch far more KEXP and don’t think there’s a dedicated thread.

Fire away

the demented brilliance of this one might be hard to beat


This one cause I was watching from the other side of the glass and it was AMAZING!!

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Post your favourite KEXP performances

…thought I remembered doing something similar

Ohhh shit, didn’t come up in the search!

Och probably worth a fresh thread anyway… mine didn’t specify rolling either so

Came here to post this, so glad it’s the first reply

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Didn’t really ‘get’ Emotional Mugger until I watched it

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Shit, forgot about this one too:

Just Mustard were supposed to record one of those Iceland Airwaves KEXP sessions in the hostel the other week but had to cancel it, I think cos all their gear got left behind in Dublin by the airline. Gutted, they’d absolutely nail a KEXP session and can imagine them doing very well off the back of one