Best/least annoying cameos

  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Beat Takeshi
  • John Carpenter
  • David Lynch
  • Mel Brooks
  • John Waters
  • Spike Lee
  • Peter Jackson
  • Mike Judge
  • Fritz Lang
  • Martin Scorsese
  • Kevin Smith

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surely we should be able to pick more than 1


nope. you need to DECIDE


i have, but not sure i’m happy with my answer


Bill Murray in Zombieland.


What about Stan Lee? The should flash up a card before that says MOTHER FUCKING STAN LEE and then a 15 second shot of his face and then just get on with the film. It would be more subtle.

So I will vote for Spike Lee as he has the closest name.


good cameo - I’m mainly (though not exclusively) thinking of cameos in their own directorial work. Didn’t spell that out though coz David Lynch’s cameo in Louie is a thing of wonder.


please see below (now above)


J Mascis in The Double


You tell me who you want me to vote for then!


Please do not ignore thewarn


So is the Peter Jackson cameo not the one in Hot Fuzz?



You’re thinking of the Edgar Wright cameo


please vote for Beat Takeshi. Although technically most of his finest (acting) work is in roles that couldn’t really be defined as cameos, I am a big fan of his oeuvre and he should get some fucking respect.


many thanks



Yeah I like him too (and so versitile - what a turn in Takeshi’s Castle).



it’s takeshi i want to change my answer to


then do so!



Steven Speieberg in Blues Brothers