Best lines you've read in books lately


It was a town of perhaps ten thousand souls, inhabiting about twenty thousand bodies - the proportion of soul-possession may be too high.

(It Can’t Happen Here - Sinclair Lewis)


Once upon a time there was a woman who was just like all women., and she married a man who was just like all men, and they had some children who were just like all children, and it rained all day.


Based on the experience of my life, which I have not exactly hit out of the park, I tend to agree with that thing about, If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. And would go even further to: Even if it is broke, leave it alone, you’ll probably make it worse.


Never heard of Elizabeth Smart, going to pick this up based on this quote.


What is this from? Sounds great


read by Grand Central Station over xmas (found it in my tiny village library!) and it’s lush


By grand central station I sat down and wept by Elizabeth Smart, sort of post war New York existential story that’s almost all pre-Beat poetry stylistically. It’s dead good yeah and Morrissey cherry picked a few choice phrases for some of the best Smiths lyrics.


“She begins to writhe, cackle, and cough out her laughter uncontrollably. Her eyes watering, she nearly poos. Bob spies what might be a dime-sized and expanding moisture blossom from her rear-end-center, signifying perhaps some minimal ass-piss.”


Also inspired the best smiths song


Thank you!


There’s bits of it in Headmaster Ritual, Louder than Bombs, Reel around the Fountain, Well I wonder, etc etc


I only knew about well I wonder. I’ve read the book, because of that association and it having such a great title, but I couldn’t really follow it to be honest, I’m not great with literature


I’m weirdly into children’s author lemony snicket at the moment (trivia fact, the accordion player on 69 love songs), the mixture of genuine sadness and silliness really appeals to my sense of humour, this line made me laugh the other night

“I almost fell asleep thinking of places and people in the city that were dearly important to me, and the distance between them and myself growing and growing until the distance grew so vast that even the longest-tongued bat in the world could not lick the life I was leaving behind.”


That is some top trivia!


Stephin Merritt (the main guy from the Magnetic Fields) did an album of songs based on A Series of Unfortunate Events under his Gothic Archies moniker.


It’s a great album that song in particular


Have you seen the video of him performing it on some cheery US breakfast show? The interview before the song is pure gold :joy:


I had not, I’ll check it out when I get home thanks


“…he passed a young woman sobbing as though her heart would break. Her violent sorrow moved him to ask what was the matter.”

This one is translated from Japanese, it almost feels like the phrase “violent sorrow” might be a translation of something that is only one word, but this is the best approximation English has for it.