Best little treat to have with a hot beverage?

a cigarette. Cant beat a cuppa outside with a slight chill in the air and a smoke.

Or even better one of those wacky cigarettes.


Reckon for all savory drinks the answer is mini cheddars or big mini cheddars (apparently these are called cheddars but that seems wrong).

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If that hot beverage is a Heinz cream of tomato soup, then it’s a cheese (and ham?) toastie. Hooo boy fill me up.

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tomato soup and cheese toastie is top shelf

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Definitely a top tier meal but I dunno if you can call soup a hot beverage :grin:


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you know that peter kay bit where he’s on about being able to dunk a hobnob for a long time?

these are well beyond hobnobs but in addition if the tea is hot enough they chocolate melt and the caramel warms up



Forgot about them somehow

Should not have made this thread before going to do a food shop really

My colleague bought me a Twirl yesterday. I might dip it in my after lunch coffee later.

There is no ultimate best thing to have with a hot drink though, it depends on time of day and what you fancy.


maybe a Tunnocks caramel wafer would work

all the caramel wafer layers would soak up tea really nicely, and they aren’t so exciting that they’d overshadow the tea imo


Stroke a cat

Does a bacon sarnie count?

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maybe if you have an armrest on which to safely perch the tea

otherwise the cat’s going to be taking up the tea’s space

also there’s the fear of spilling tea on the cat

just a logistical nightmare

I just did it while sitting at my desk/table so. Cat on me, drink on the table. It’s a very rare treat for one of those miserable fuckers to sit on my lap.

hmm… I’d still feel like I was going to drip hot tea on my cat friend. I hope that doesn’t happen.

maybe if they were lying next to you on the sofa, though?

This thread reminds me of a colleague who shall remain nameless (Jasper) who would take sachets of cup a soup with him for long rides in the van, and a thermos of hot water, and then make one hell of a mess stirring it all in the silly little cap/cup while we were driving along.

Never occurred to him to streamline this process beforehand.

(I did wonder if he kept some water for hot drinks but he only drank iced coffee or red bull. The Dutch eh?)


Viennese Whirl or a Trifle Bakewell please.

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Should’ve said “ass”

:smiley: I like the cut of jasper’s gib


The cap/cup wasn’t big enough for a whole portion so he’d pour about a third of a packet in, top up, then scrabble around for a pen or something to stir it. Wait for it to cool enough to be able to drink… while not being able to seal the hot water flask properly… then repeat another couple of times.

Next time I see him, might give him a pre-prepared thermos of soup. Might blow his mind

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dark choc digestive or lotus biscoff

Cannoli or loacker napolitana

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