Best Live Album *EVER*

I think The Long Goodbye from The Coolest Guys in New York deserves a shout - absolutely stunning from start to finish. The length of a proper opera too, props to them. I wasn’t there, sadly.

Jimi at Montreal, what more is there to say?

This thread is to determine the greatest live album of all time. By the end of the thread I expect there to be a general consensus at which point we will all agree with each other because we will have come to an objective conclusion.

Thunder Down Under by Hot Snakes

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It’s stop making sense


Ah shit it is too, close thread

Throwing Copper



A few I always recommend when this topic comes up:

John Cale - Fragments of a Rainy Season
Curtis Mayfield - Curtis Live
Mark Eitzel - Songs of Love Live


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James Brown - Live at the Apollo, ain’t it

Edit: oh already been covered.

Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall
Sam Cooke - Live at the Harlem

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According to popularity


Oh theo


i really like the Rage Against The Machine live album (live at the grand olympic auditorium 2000, released 2003)

it’s been criticised for the production being poor but i love it, it’s really fucking energetic and that for me is the best thing about the band. the production on the studio albums is really good but it’s a bit shiny for me (generally not my taste funnily enough)

it was the first album i got by them and i never listen to the studio version of the tracks on it

Live After Death by Iron Maiden


It’s not the best live album ever, but it’s a personal; favourite.


Sam Cooke - Live at Harlem Square

Otis Redding - Monterey Pop Festival (it’s only one side of a 12", but is absolutely outstanding!)

Jerry Lee Lewis - Live at the Star Club

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Came here to say that. It’s the one of the only live albums I ever listen to, along with the various Swans and Autechre ones. None of which will win the thread title prize, obviously

Dark Magus - Miles Davis
Live at Massey Hall - Neil Young
Botch - 061502

all are totally killer.

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