Best low budget versions of things

Inspired by the candles (specifically the gingerbread one) in home bargains/quality save. Guess they’re meant to be yankee candles.

The best candles I’ve ever had in terms of the smell actually being noticeable. Gingerbread one is so lush and not too sweet.

The superdrug version of pixi toner is also great.

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I like these Aldi knock off snacks more than actual pringles

This 75p a can lager is also better than most brand name ones


I drank A LOT of Galahad lager from Aldi when I lived in Manchester. It kinda tasted like nosebleeds but 4 cans for £2 was good.

Erm. I like cheap chocolate. And cheap crisps.

You have inspired me to fire up my Gingerbread Cookies candle I got from Homebase for a £1 2 years ago…scent=dubious
Bought an actual Christmas Yankee candle the other day. Pretty good. Reckon I could get in to expensive candles

Sainos basics tortilla chips


Do also do the best budget jar of salsa I’ve tried

Aldi’s version of Ben and Jerrys probably treads a very close line copyright wise, but is way, way cheaper and tastes the same.

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Lidl’s Montepulciano used to cost €1.99 in France and I liked it more than much more expensive ones.

it costs about a tenner here :pensive:

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Oh what’s that hispter rose wine that every one likes with a shit name? I’ve head the M&S version is really good (but always sold out)

:grinning: brookie dough


Sainsbo’s Basics Midget Gems although I think they’re gone

suppose James Maddison is a decent low budget Jack Grealish


Tastes just like Brookside!

Lidl twix copies are great, they sometimes have a salted caramel note. Bloody delicious


oh god

we got loads of Galahad for Carefully Planned Festival one year. maybe the most horrible lager I’ve had, idk…

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I’m not usually fussy but galahad is utterly undrinkable imo

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The £5 Pimm’s you get from Aldi or wherever. We call it Pimmo in our house for some reason

Pretty sure it was responsible for me gaining 3 stone

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yeah, their snickers are great as well. Really salty and probably death in a bar but whoah, love em

I like those orange IPAs Aldi do. Think they’re called Shake A Tree. The pineapple milkshake IPA (Push Pineapple) tastes like dog vomit though.