Best Madness song?


this, or


It was this till I realised what it as about…

See this for more of the same :

The late period Madness albums (from the first time around) don’t get nearly as much love as they deserve. The best description I’ve ever read of that first run of albums is “the sound of a clockwork toy slowly running down”, so we can class the above as the “tail end of monkey with cymbals” years, right?

Haven’t quite got up to speed with the more recent albums, so need to put that right (and it gives me a chance to go back to Liberty Of Norton Folgate, which is a right belter).

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It must be one step beyond. :wink:

Because it brings back nice childhood memories.

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like a big American car but misspelt with a D

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? Thought it was anti racist

It is.

Then I have been massively mistaken!

Think about it. IF it was racist it would be banned from the radio and Madness wouldn’t be talked about in an affectionate sentimental way. It’s a story about the neighbourhood around them and their experiences.

Of their later stuff I really like this one…

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Yeah it’s based on a real story of someone Suggs knows I think. Definitely anti-racist.

I nearly posted this as well!

I think it was the piano player (who wrote the song) rather than Suggs and it’s about his sister.

Ah, saxomaphone player (if you can trust genius as a source):

yep, bbc article about it here

tf is that video