Best moments of the football season 20/21

What were yours? It has been a weird old season but there have been highlights I’m sure.

Villa 7-2 Liverpool and Man City 2-5 Leicester City filled me with childish glee.

Enjoyed Chorley’s FA Cup run.

The 7-2, no question really

The 1-0 over Leicester was brilliant too as there seemed to be a sniff that we might get European football

Burnley winning at Arsenal for the first time since the 70s and Liverpool for the first time since the 60s!

And how precious those 6 points turned out to be.

Leicester for the first time since the 70s too. Arteta broke many records this season.

the goal is one of my highlights for sure

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Love a good smash and grab diving header

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ESL Weekend

  • First few weeks of the premier league were amazing, there with loads of high scoring games and all the big sides were rubbish. it’s crap again now but it was fun while it lasted
  • the few weeks where Bradford looked great and scored a load of weirdly good goals. We’re crap again now but it was fun while it lasted
  • Can’t remember many other definitive individual matches but Lyon - Lille was class the other day, best I’ve seen this season in terms of stakes and excitement. not normally fussed about Ligue 1 either
  • ESL Weekend
  • Lingard being good again, only interesting thing to happen in the PL since january
  • Manchester United v Liverpool the perfect game.
  • ESL Weekend
  • Barry Owen leaving the board of Oldham Athletic and some of our goals have been quite fun.
  • Arsenal being rubbish has been quite fun

Apart from that nothing really it never felt like this season has got going properly Gazprom in particular. Since probably October I have wanted this season over and the Euros on. More looking forward to Euros than anything else at the moment.

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Brentford getting to the League Cup semi finals and being moral winners was quite fun.

Toney being awesome has been fun too, if he does go in the summer I hope he goes somewhere and actually plays and does well, like Watkins has at Villa. would prefer he was doing that next year for us in the Premier League though.

actually going to a match at our new stadium in November or December was good.

good stuff probably happened to other teams, idk. those opening weeks where there were some silly scores like Villa v Liverpool and Man Utd v Spurs were fun.

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I genuinely liked that logo.




Liverpool 4-3 Leeds
Villa 0-3 Leeds
Leeds 5-0 West Brom
Leeds 2-1 City

Enjoyed arriving and living up to all the (my) hype.

Found the stuff at the top less interesting than ever, especially in the Premier League, but nice to have proper title races in Spain and France, and Milan challenging in Serie A for the first half at least. Also Juve-Porto.

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I disagree with this

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Been a great season for me, watching us inexplicably turn into a competent team and doing as well as we have in my lifetime. Still not as fun as the payet season mind.

Highlights are probably lingard’s 9 game run as the best player in the world, the continuing adventures of the adorable Czech mates and that lanzini last minute rocket.

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When that lad who plays for Bournemouth’s wig fell off