Best moments (rolling)

making a thread for nice moments that you’ve had whenever. Best moment I can remember lately was having a cup of sleepytime tea in my mates house after we just got back from seeing 3 billboards and had a big snowball fight. Great moment, 10/10.

What are other good moments??


Hanging out down Newbridge Fields with some friends one summers day. At one point one friend accidentally (probably wasn’t an accident in retrospect) cycled someone elses bike into the river. Like just cycling towards the river and just kept going, dropping down the bank into the water. Everything went bullet time as the rest of us turned to see if the guy whose bike it was, was gonna get angry. He just cracked up laughing and we spent the rest of the afternoon cycling his bike into the river and finding it the funniest thing ever. Fond memories of that day.


Someone from IT called the entire office over to the window a couple of months ago because someone had left their handbrake off. We all watched it roll across the car park and cheered when it crashed into the fence.