Best morning telly?

I sometimes wake up at silly o’clock and can’t get back to sleep or read or etc. Maybe you’ve got young kids so it’s the norm for you, or work nights, idk.

If you never wake up early and watch telly that’s fine, please use another thread. If you go to the gym you’re a sociopath. Five indie points for ‘i just watch what i normally like’. Twenty for pretending you’ve not got a TV.

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Definitely Frasier.

Once I went through a period of waking up at like 5am, so I got into watching old X-Files early morning. It was the winter, it was cold and dark, it worked.

Just subjected to CBeebies stuff nowadays. Things like Bing (awful) Peter Rabbit (boring) Dugee (great)
Think that’s normally the order in the morning. Interesting fact, ALL CBeebies prog theme tunes are bangers (apart from rotten to the core Bing). Like, they’ve nailed it

Sky 1 currently show a reality show about a monkey sanctuary. That’s a pretty gentle way to ease into the day.

Does ITV3 still show old detective shows in the morning? Cagney and Lacey, Ironside, Kojak, The Rockford Files etc are outstanding cereal and tea viewing.

Animal stuff’s a good shout, especially vintage programmes. Always want to watch March of the Penguins when i’m ill.

Remember the BBC had a documentary about Baffin Island on at about 6am once. Any old-school educational stuff belting half-awake watching.

My concern with something like that is I’d end up late for work trying to find out whodunit…

Tend to make coffee and watch DVD at that time of the morning instead, after having checked to see what the ladies on Babestation are up to obvs

I’ve watched Series 1 to 7 of the X-Files, then the first series of the newer ones (which was largely shite but had one excellent episode - ‘Home Again’).

It’s one of my favourite shows, but i almost don’t want to watch 8 and 9. The chances of seeing a classic episode again feel quite slim, and the comedic episodes were becoming a bit too frequent in 6 and 7 from memory (a year or two ago now).

I used to watch EuroNews when on early morning shifts. I really enjoyed the music that played during the weather forecast so would throw it on in the background. Everything being in French made it easy not to concentrate on which is very important at that hour.

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Is transworldsport still on?

I haven’t seen much Bing, what’s up with the weird sad sack uncle thing?

Duggee is amazing isn’t it, wasted on toddlers tbh. Saw the Apocalypse Now episode last week, absolutely superb.

Everybodu Loves Raymond


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Used to basically not sleep or get to sleep at around 6 in the morning as a teenager, so would just watch bbc news. In particular liked Rico hizon’s Asian business report - very soothing


Quite like watching the previous days test match highlights in the morning

Just watched S11 E1. Oh boy. Duchovny’s forgot how to act. Anderson’s forgot how to talk aloud. Basically a twist every twenty seconds. The pacing’s very wrong. Feels like it’s on 1.5 speed.

Still enjoyable in a car crash way, but you almost have to completely disassociate it from the old episodes.

Yeah, that was really terrible. Plus, although I didn’t think the end of s10 was great, I enjoyed the batshit crazy of it, and they made it all a dream?!?

There were some decent episodes in 11 though. The one with the duplicates, the Darin Morgan one, the one with the crazy smart devices. The quality was much higher than in 10, although that isn’t saying much. I missed the finale but as it was another myth arc episode I’m assuming it was garbage.

The talk is sufficiently hard

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That’s the best bit - they all seemed to be cast from the same exceptionally shallow pool of shifty looking actors. Chances are the guy who did it in today’s Quincy was the same one who did it in Columbo last week.

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When working from home it goes

Everybody loves Raymond > Frasier > Gordons kitchen nightmares/Undercover Boss > Goldbergs > Melissa and Joey > Come Dine With Me > Baby Daddy