Best Morrissey solo albums



I’d go;

Vauxhall & I
Your Arsenal
You Are The Quarry


I would say:

  1. Viva Hate
  2. Vauxhall and I
  3. You Are The Quarry

With a special mention for the World of Morrissey

Viva Hate is a masterpiece.


The Smiths album that never was?

  1. Vauxhall & I is clearly his masterpiece. It runs brilliantly. It’s a couple of missteps off a perfect record. Find myself listening to it a lot in the summer. It’s weirdly upbeat for him.

  2. You are the Quarry felt like a pretty triumphant return at the time, and it’s a fantastic collection of songs. I’d be surprised if he got near that level again. Think history might remember it quite fondly.

  3. Kill Uncle feels quite cheeky and upbeat, can see why others might consider some of the tracks throwaway, bit like Strangeways, but i love thst side to Morrissey. He was definitely at his live peak around this time.

  4. Viva Hate for me tails off quite badly and feels more like a B-Sides album than a studio LP, but certainly features several of his better tracks.

  5. Your Arsenal’s more sonic and slightly heavier, bar the odd track. Has always felt a bit muddled to me, but get the sense it might be the one that grows on me most over time.

Southpaw Grammar, Maladjusted and the last three records are shite, really.


imagine not including Viva Hate. imagine.


Southpaw Grammar is pretty good, and the title track of Maladjusted is amazing… by which I obviously mean PAH! Who even listens to Morrisey? Crydicks!


Is that you’re entry for the most wrong list ever written, or something?

It’s Bona Drag, of course.


^ bullshitter


Come Back To Camden <333


That’s a compilation.


Still better than any of the albums put forward.


agree with that


I think he probably realised how great the material was that he had left on the cutting room floor. So packaged it together.

I call it an album.


i like Ringleader of the Tormentors. haven’t really bothered giving the last two a proper spin.


The last one has some decent stuff in it, but there are a few duds


Agree that there are some very good tracks on ‘World Peace…’. Some real stinkers too! All his albums since ‘You Are The Quarry’ are so, so inconsistent.


I could’ve sworn I posted in this thread last night.

  2. You Are The Quarry (LET ME KISS YOU!)
  3. Ringleader of the Tormentors (DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME!)


Calm down, pal. It’s not a studio record, that’s all. Accept you’ve made a schoolboy error and move on.


Nah you posted in the Top 3 Morrissey albums thread not Best Morrissey album thread, idiot!


Well it’s a good job I gave the same answers in each thread.