Best music from a computer game

Gerudo Valley takes some beating!


Great tune but this is better:


Never heard of that game. Of its time, (not a bad thing).

The compositions are actually really rich and complex.

Not sure about modern games, I liked the incidental music in gtav and mgsv

GTAV has some great music. Love the music whilst it’s loading (Tangerine Dream).


I really like the Everyones Gone To The Rapture soundtrack. Probably go for FFVIII though

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Xenon 2. (Assault on Precinct 13)


Always found a real melancholy in this

And David Wise is really in a league of his own when it comes to video game composers


Take 5:

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A couple of assorted faves


Cybernoid one a two

This video is cool since it shows you how it’s all done with only 3 voices.


sounds like an evanescence instrumental

Modern games, I really like the soundtrack to Monument Valley:

This complete and utter banger

And almost all the music from Final Fantasy X ofc


Cool Thread - interestingly the gaming forum at work recently had this same post - this was my entry then -

Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel without a Pulse - 50’s/60’s songs covered by Ben Kweller, Death Cab For Cutie, The Ravonettes, Flaming Lips - - YouTube

Quake Soundtrack - Was/still am huge Trent Reznor/NIN fan, so was pretty psyched at the time to find out he did this - Quake Soundtrack - YouTube

Brothers: A Tale of two suns - this is one game soundtrack where it seems to elevate the game itself imo - Brothers - A tale of two sons OST - YouTube

Bastion - Big Supergiant games fan (basically, off the back of this games and soundtrack) - anyway, bit loathe to send a link (and the next tbh) as its one that is so cleverly used in the game, espcially how you “hear” the song “Build A Wall” for the first time in the game, but here it is - Full Bastion OST - YouTube

Transistor - Darren Korb again in Supergiant Games knocks it out of park imo - Transistor Original Soundtrack - Full Album - YouTube

Hotline Miami - again, elevates the game, although totally works standalone too - Hotline Miami Soundtrack (Full) - YouTube

No Man’s Sky Full Soundtrack OST: Music for an Infinite Universe/Soundscape - big fan of this band for quite awhile so was over the moon (pun intended) when I found out they were doing the music - arguably the highlight of the game - - YouTube

Doom (2016) - This is so well integrated into the game that again loathe to share out of context - bada$$ - DooM - Full Soundtrack OST - YouTube

Mirrors Edge - Adrenalin pumping stuff, good work out music - Mirror's Edge Soundtrack (Full) - YouTube

Duke Nukem 3D - Outside of Doom and Quake (see above) has there ever been another more memorable theme tune to First Person shoot peeps in the face? - - YouTube - especially this version by a certain metal band! - Megadeth - Duke Nukem Theme - YouTube


Ditto EGTTR - picked it up on vinyl (having bought it on CD) recently - i think (morbidly) if the end of the world sounds as good as this, it will be okay - elevates the game :slight_smile:

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