Best music to listen to whilst three sheets to the wind

It’s Friday the day of drinking.

I always alternate between upbeat dance-able music to morose whyismylifesoshit music depending on the kind of drunk I am.

What’s your drunk jam?

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Obvious answer:

whenever i’m drunk I always seem to come home, lay down in the dark and listen to Steely Dan.



It’s the classic choice. One too many and The Broad Majestic Shannon goes on at full blast.


90s dance bangers.

how about four sheets?

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i have a tendency to hop around violently to Sickbed or Turkish Song of the Damned and split a toe that i won’t feel till morning

listened to this 20x in a row last night

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I’ve posted this before but the three song run at the end of Automatic of Man On The Moon, Night Swimming and Find The River is the perfect drunken peaceful thing to listen to on the way home.

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