Best music video

I think this is something we should do.
Either a big votey thread, or a World Cup Of.
Can someone sort it.

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No need, it’s this

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It’s actually this

always remember just how shit that foo fighters video was done by the whatever guy. didnt they pay him loads for some green screen bullshit and then end up getting someone else in :laughing:

anyway, that… :man_shrugging:

i mean, c’mon, how shite is this :laughing:

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I used to think the throwing sofas off motorway bridges one was the original video and got banned because they didn’t want kids copying it, and they had to rush out the one you posted in five seconds flat, but turns out they consciously went to the effort of making two videos in the first place :rofl:

Can I share some of my favourites

Was trying to choose a bts one and I can’t, I simply can’t
But i really love this one


Whilst the Beastie Boys have some great videos it takes an awful lot to want to watch a music video rather than just listen to the music.

There’s only really on instance of this and that is this…