Best new artist coming out 2017

I’m new here but I was just curious who are in well your opinion some of the best new acts coming out 2017??? I got this kid, a guy name Jayaire Woods, Jessie Reyez and a few others. Thoughts??



Sounds like you’re the first up on some dope shit here m9.


check him out

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The music world is too saturated currently…we should just stick with all the artists we’ve got and see where they go with a few more albums.

yeah, this is true but I think new artists with new ideas helps and a genuine passion for music are needed

Some amazing debuts in 2014. 2015 had a couple too. 2016 was more a year for final albums then debut ones. No new artist has interested me in 2017 so far. Except WaqWaq Kingdom and thats not really a debut but a new project/name

Good new artists are always welcome though and debuts tend to come from artists that have released a few EPs and are at least fairly well know in certain circles.

Like the Pixx one this year. Or Idles that have been releasing EPs for 5 years now.

In the modern age no major recored label takes risks releasing and promoting an album from an artist that doesn’t already have a sizable following

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Exactly these days it’s popularity over talent and that sucks because there are so many talented artists out here who won’t get the shine or attention they deserve because no one knows about them as you said lack of promo.

I don’t know if you have the quality, persistence, and know the basics of how to promote yourself you will eventually get there.

Its not like they ever signed purely based on quality. In the mid 2000s they were literally signing teenagers that had only had a couple of gigs seemingly based on their haircuts. Aka The View and even worse Sound of Guns.

Having years to hone in your craft without massive media attention can be a really positive thing.

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Lol yes this is true…I just know a few talented people who seem like they’ve missed their window or atleast they feel like they’ve missed their window.