Best Nick Drake album?

I wonder if there’s an artist whose discography splits fans so evenly. The general concensus seems to be Five Leaves (barest), Bryter (jazziest), Pink Moon (darkest). Not sure i agree, but they’re all near-perfect, so just out of interest…

Please discuss below…,

  • Five Leaves Left
  • Bryter Layter
  • Pink Moon

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Pink Moon innit, although it took me many years to think so. Always liked the other 2 more but then one day it all clicked. It’s a one off Pink Moon, nothing else like it*.

*i mean unless there IS and DIS can say what.

Pink Moon is the most satisfying Nick Drake record overall. Just feels like a real statement of what he wanted to do.

Pink moon,

The others are lame middle class fluff.

Could change pretty much daily, all great in different ways

Jason Molina’s last solo record Autumn Bird Songs felt really sad and insular in a similar way, not sure if you can get it anymore, it’s not on Spotify anyway

it’s Pink Moon.

yeah, it’s Pink Moon.

Pink Pink Pink Pink Pink Moon.


If you have to pick a best Nick Drake album then you also have to make a case for the other 2 NOT being the best Nick Drake album. I’m not sure that’s a task that can be done.


Pink Moon’s his only really good song so Pink Moon the album for me

Can’t pick between the three, sorry

Having said that, I think Pink Moon is so widely regarded as it’s liked by non-Nick Drake fans too (like @Bamnan above), because it’s so different

Hey thanks, i’ll try and check it out.

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Went with Five Leaves Left because the highest points of that record are a little bit higher in my estimation than those on Pink Moon, but Saturday Sun doesn’t do anything for me, so probably should have gone for PM.

I listened to Pink Moon again yesterday. I don’t know if it’s darker or more solemn. It feels bright and upbeat and airy to me. It’s a beautiful record…i think i just prefer FLL because it was my first exposure to his work.

Interested in peoples thoughts about the mood of Pink Moon compared to the other records. I think i read the recording process was pretty withdrawn and during a particularly dark time for him, but for me that doesn’t necessarily effect the tone of the songs.

I think the thing about Pink Moon is that it’s more timeless than the other two which, BL especially, sound like products of their eras. Pink Moon could have been released in 2017, there’s nothing that specifically pins it to one musical era whereas the arrangements on BL make it sound really dated.

This rings true actually. Bryter Layter is too busy and overly produced. It sounds like they (not Drake) were trying to make a record that would sell and in that sacrificed a bit if his…naturalness. Maybe that’s not the case, idk. I still like it. Weirdly it’s probably the one i listen to most, but it’s the least Nick Drake record of the three.

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close between Pink Moon & Five Leaves Left. beautiful records. overt jazziness of Bryter Later makes me feel funny.

Pink Moon, love it

All 3 are great…
Pink Moon is his masterpiece though.

I think you’re right - ‘Pink Moon’ sounds like Nick Drake doing just what he wants to do without any producer influence, possibly as a reaction to ‘Bryter Layter’.

I always think the truly dark and solemn stuff is the last clutch of songs he ever recorded (I think they’re on ‘Made to Love Magic’). Black Eyed Dog, in particular, is hair raising.

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