Best Nicknames Ever


From the football world:

Fitz Hall - ‘One Size’
Stuart Barlow - ‘Jigsaw’ because he went to pieces in the box.

Now you.


Came in to post One Size, now leaving


“Corned Beef Keith”




Hall briefly appeared in the opening of the movie The Fifth Element .[43][44]


Nice fact. Didn’t know that.


two metre peter always makes me laugh


That Greg Davies routine, where an adult man said that his nickname was still “Mumbo” because once as a teenager his friends met his mum and she had BO.


When The Sun (I know, I know) redubbed John Prescott after his affair was made public from “Two Jags” to “Two Shags”.


‘the blacksmith’

cos when it’s his turn to get a round in he makes a bolt for the door

can’t remember where i heard that


Austin Space


Brian ‘Choccy’, Mclair. Took me years to realise the ‘chocolate mclair’, derivative.


Justin Edinburgh was called ‘Musselburgh’ because it’s just in Edinburgh


On the first day of school we called a guy Briefcase because he had a bag that looked vaguely like a briefcase. 19 years later he’s still known as Briefcase.


Justin Casablancas


And this guy was called ‘Milo’




I remember a mate of mine once opining that drinking Rolling Rock was a bit like fishing, as they were both close to water.

In retrospect I’m not sure that this works…


At school one of my group of friends (mistakenly) told another friend that he’d once pleasured himself whilst he was on a bus. From that point forth he was known as Top Deck. Still called it today, about 25 years after the fact.


2 Scoops off Gladiators


I was actually talking about about him at the weekend with a friend and how his party piece was to jump over cars.