Best Nintendo 3DS games?

Not on their eshop?

It was a 3DS Ambassador exclusive. I had it on my long lost console :frowning:

No way! No idea that was a thing. RIP @colinzeal3ds

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Aye that’s how I have it on mine. If they never then made it widely available for purchase that’s insane.
I’m pretty sure they made it available on WiiU eshop so stranger again :thinking:


Basically, because they slashed the price after a few months on sale, they gave away 10 NES and 10 GBA games to people who registered before a certain date. Gamestop cut the price early, so I managed to get a cheaper console AND the free games.

Was a good lineup too:



Nintendo used to give some pretty cool freebies on 3DS:

  • The 30 Ambassador Games

  • Zelda: Four Swords Remake

  • Super Mario Bros Deluxe

If only they’d shown similar generosity to WiiU owners :rofl:

Dragon Quest 8. SMT4. Xenoblade Chronicles. Final Fantasy VI DS port

(edit: whoops, FF6 wasn’t on DS. thought it was.)

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Still think they should have found a way to allow people to port MK8 -> MK8 DX for a discount. The rest I’m okay with really.

Aye same. Im not bitter or anything lol.
I’d be happy if they refunded me for the MK8 DLC after I bought MK8DX but I imagine it would be a logisitcal nightmare for them.

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Oh and Chrono Trigger DS.

Really want to give this a go!

Was gonna grab this and SMT: Strange Journey, but Strange Journey Redux will be out soon so I’m waiting for that (and hoping they remaster Chrono Trigger as well)

I’m about half way through Chrono Trigger on the SNES Mini but it’s been put to one side with my xmas Switch games taking priority. The DS version has all the anime cutscenes etc that the Playstation had but has extra dungeons etc too. Now if Square brought it to Switch they can have my money now.

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Thanks all. After a little bit of googling I’ve bought Xenoblade Chronicles for now. There are others i’m interested in (Fire Emblem: Awakening and Bravely Default/Second also look good), but I guess you can only play one RPG at a time!

Want to play Professor Layton too, but feel I may have got to it too late and now the number of available games seems overwhelming. The same reason I never watched the Sopranos!

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The latest Layton game is on 3DS and android/ios and has a new main character and storyline so an easier jumping off point?

I’ve not played Xenoblade but Fire Emblem Awakening is one of my favourite games of all time (definitely more turn based strategy than JRPG, so you could totally do both). I’m about half way through Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and it’s very good, but Awakening is better.

Perhaps. I guess it’s trying to play two ‘immersive’ games at the same time. Not so much of a problem if the second game is just Mario Kart or something!

Fire Emblem looks great and i’ll definitely give it a go next. The 3DS seems really good for these types of games.

Japan loves handhelds, so 3DS (and even Vita) became JRPG heaven. Switch is sure to follow suit and already starting to go this direction with Xenoblade 2 and SquareEnix going hard with support.

Shovel Knight!