Best Non-Fiction Books

Help me fill up my to-read list.

Personally I would love history, geography and football recommendations, but feel free to post whatever you want, this is YOUR thread.

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I’d have to go with The Best of Non-Fiction Books, personally.


I’d like a nice Beatles book actually, I like reading about The Beatles

Now That’s What I Call Non-Fiction 37, for me.

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We have a house full of Beatles books. I have not read any of them.

Truly the most thrilling and uproarious Microsoft word 2010 guide ever penned

Don’t start your Beatles shit in this thread


I enjoyed this when I read it ages ago.

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I have this and the Enke book on my shelf waiting to be read! :slight_smile:

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You can recommend a non fiction book if you’d like

If you really want to get stuck into something weighty

It’s a biography of Robert Moses, who was probably the most powerful person in New York from the 1930s through to the 1960s despite never actually being elected to anything. It’s like 1200 pages but a great read.

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  1. This baby that I just finished was awesome:

  1. Read (most of) this back in 2011 and still cite it on the regular (it’s about how not only gender is socially constructed, but also our understanding of what we today call biological sex and so on):


  1. And if you want to have a nice time while reading about horror films and gender theory, this is your gal:


That book has made such a huge difference in my life, even I find it hard to believe


Sounds interesting but after the War and Peace debacle I’m not sure I can read anything over 1000 pages again for a few years.

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homicide: a year on the killing streets - david simon
pulphead - john jerimiah sullivan
the lonely city - olivia laing


Good thing the first one I posted is only 800 pages!!! (and that’s including bibliography and indexes)

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Read Homicide and liked it so your other two recs have extra weight

thank you road warrior jook

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I’m just finishing this, a really interesting overview of the Troubles - focuses in on a few of the key characters and incidents so probably not as comprehensive as you could get, but it’s written in such a zippy style that it almost feels as gripping as reading a thriller (but in a non-exploitative way) Helped me learn more about the conflict beyond the obvious headlines, and makes you think about the underlying issues a lot.


Have you read The Corner as well?

Friday Night Lights (which was the basis of the film and TV shows of the same name) is a fantastic piece of observation about small town life and the passions that drive it.

Tom Holland’s history books are very good (based on Millennium, his book about the “dark ages”), but he’s a massive melt which has put me off investigating much further.

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