Best non-UK European festivals

There are so many amazing festivals out there, just thought I’d get some recommendations from you guys. Some of my favourites are:

Pohoda Festival (Slovakia)
Club To Club (Italy)
OFF! (Poland)
Colours Of Ostrava (Czech Republic)

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Roskilde (Denmark) - if you want to head to a mega fest, I much prefer this to Glastonbury.

Gothic Wave Treffen (Germany) - for those who like to wear leather trench coats throughout the summer months…

Sziget (Hungary) - buy day tickets and stay in Budapest if you don’t want to camp on the island.
Benicassim (Spain) - 10 years ago though. No idea if it’s changed.

Primavera (Do I need to tell you where this takes place?)
Le Guess Who (Utrecht)

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C2C normally has a great line up. What’s the set out? Lots of venues right? Thought it might be a ballache to get around them

Pitchfork Paris is a great option for a winter festival. 2 stages facing eachother so yo get to see every act if you wish.

Club to Club strongly recommended. Year after year the line up gets better (some years ago there were only artists of electronic music, now they call also post rock bands like Swans or Battles, for exemple, and experimental artists and others) , the location is nice and I can’t complain about acoustics.

Been to Sziget twice - really nice atmosphere, and perfect for staying in the city centre and getting a boat to the island every day.

anyone been to Ypsigrock in Sicily?

trying to find a festival that fits into our rough itinerary of Europe in Late July and August and this looks like it could be worth a look

looks like a nice boutique festival, got some good bands on their first announce as well

interested in what it’s like for accommodation, eating, drinking, getting around etc??

I remember going to Benicassim in’05 - the lineup was insane

From memory i saw the Cure, Nick Cave, LCD, Xiu Xiu, Black Dice, Dinosaur Jr, Raveonettes, the Kills, Oasis, Lemonheads, Hot Chip, Yo La Tengo, Four Tet, !!!, Wedding Present, Underworld, Doves, Lemon Jelly…

I think it pretty much went lager lout lineup pretty quickly after that year

But there’s literally nothing to do if you’re not interested in watching the band on at that minute. And they start automatically one after each other, so you find yourself leaving the crowd half way through stuff to try and get a decent spot for the next one. I also got sick of spending three days in that hall.

It’s ok. I had a decent time and would suggest for people to go if they’re really into the line up, but not otherwise.

Fyre Festival


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The festival Barry Hogan has always dreamed of.

I can speak a bit for the spanish festival scene: Low, BBK, Primavera need no introduction… but Azkena in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) is great, not a huge festival but get some decent (rock orientated) headliners over the years, I also like the look of this years WAM (Murcia) line-up, shame its next week might be a bit late to get a ticket haha!

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