Best of Butter

What u bouncin hun?

  • Salted butter (bog standard any brand)
  • Unsalted butter (bog standard any brand)
  • Some of your posh French stuff with sea salt
  • Lurpak
  • Flora
  • Flora plant based
  • Pure
  • Kerrygold
  • Anchor
  • Country Life
  • Clover
  • Vitalite
  • Bertolli
  • I can’t believe it’s not butter
  • Arla lacto-free spreadable
  • President
  • Other please state
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Whatever flora-type spread is cheapest that day, the supermarket seems to rotate the offer

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Not partaking in a farce that includes non butter choices


Controversial opinion - there isn’t really much difference between the brands to the point that it’s important. I just get whatever’s there/on offer/cheaper.

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Except for Lurpak, which is actively disgusting

Usually just get the ownbrand Lurpak clone


Also for hiring David Cameron as mascot

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I’m not allowed butter in the house because I cannot be trusted


Anyone who says anything other than Lurpak is the nicest butter should be sent to prison, sorry. Obviously you’ll always get a few ‘it’s a bit salty for me’ or ‘actually, I make my own butter’ sorts on here, but they’re not to be taken seriously.

I buy Danepak sometimes and it’s, y’know, fine.

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Lurpak doesn’t even taste of butter. It tastes of slime.

If I’m dairy free then this.

Very good stuff


Not on butterbook these days. If I do it’s some kind of ultra-low-fat Flora deal or the Benecol equivalent. I’m not claiming any of those options are nice, but there’s nothing like not having any nice tasting options for cutting down on your saturated fat intake.

I’d be on the Kerrygold if butter didn’t fuck my insides up

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flora for sandwiches
any old salted shite for cooking and toast
unsalted for baking (currently a plant based one as I made a crumble for my #veganmates)
fancy stuff if we have people over (and I like them)

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Bregott extra saltat for me. The sea salt one is ridic but too expensive.

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Kerrygold is obviously a standard bearer but Lurpak is very good, very buttery but reliably soft from the fridge

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The aldi version of lurpak is 100% better than lurpak

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That’s interesting, a couple of shops (Sainsburys, Spar) have fooled me by selling a type of own brand butter in extremely Lurpak packaging that I thought would be exactly the same and was absolutely not in the same league.

What a shame there are zero Aldis near me

It could be lidl. I need to check. Never bought it muself but my friend gets it and I’m always impressed

I was happy to hear that Flora Buttery had been made vegan again, but I’m finding it gets quite hard in the fridge compared to my usual nice oily regular Flora