Best of Q3 2016 (July, August, September)

We slipped into October a bit quicker than I anticipated, and I didn’t manage to record our Q3 podcast before my co-host went on sabbatical. However, Soho Radio have invited me to host a show for 2 hours this Wednesday from 12-2pm and you can listen in online - I’ve decided it’s a good excuse to do the Q3 review, live, on my own… what’s the worse that can happen?

I’d like to play some of your requests, so pick a song or an album from July, August or Sept and tell me what you love about it, and I will try to fit a few of your picks in amongst mine.

I’m also going to play some of my all-time favourites and a few new things that I’m loving. Expect a mixture of blissed out modern classical and burly riffs, and probably a few wonderful pop songs too.

Noname - Telefone is the best thing released this quarter (and probably this year)

Play this track:

What I love about it is how fucking great her flow and lyrics are and how little it sounds like she’s trying. I also really love that it’s a record giving a voice to and telling stories from a perspective that doesn’t get aired enough in any genre let alone hip-hop.

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Hardly unknown but probably not mentioned that often but The Julie Ruin’s new album which came out in July is great. Worth checking out.

Thanks. I’m not after unknown stuff. Just favourites.

Christian Fitness - Bad Boys Die In The Bath (16:47)

It’s just a fucking great song. Seedy, sinster, menacing… all that good stuff.

The guitar outro over the title refrain is possibly the best hook I’ve heard all year.

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Fair enough. This is one of the best tracks I’ve heard for a few weeks. From Wovenhand’s latest album. Grand. Loud. A hell of a track.

Love this from back in August

Really digging the new Menace Beach track as well, but only just come out in October!

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Roses Always Die

Just 70s Yamaha organ and perfect rough diamond vocals seeped in love, loss, misery and pain. It’s sparse, fragile, uplifting and overall pretty darn beautiful.

Some wonderful records - Nick Cave, Angel Olsen, Factory Floor, Okkervill River, Preoccupations, Exploded View, Ka, Frank Ocean.

This is one of my favourite tracks of the year


I’m still really into the new Every Time I Die album. This one’s my current favourite. Sounds like Helmet/Unsane in places (albeit briefly), Pantera in others. It’s nuts.

Had a computer meltdown yesterday and didn’t have any of these on CD but will try to slip in at least one

This for @shucks please



So many fantastic albums that have already been mentioned. El Perro Del Mar’s album doesn’t seem to be getting mentioned much:

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Thanks to everyone who tuned it. If you missed it you can now listen on-demand on Mixcloud:


  1. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY - First Breath After Coma
  3. DEPECHE MODE - Halo (Goldfrapp Remix)
  4. CAT POWER - Silent Machine
    – Gonzales - Overnight
  5. THE KILLS- Siberian Nights
  6. JULIA JACKLIN - Coming of Age
    – Theme from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti
  7. THE 1975 - Please Be Naked
  8. RHAIN - Humdrum Drivel
  9. SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO - Audacity of Huge
  11. CHROMATICS - I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around
  12. M83 - Don’t Save Us From The Flames
    – Max Richter - Love and Imagination
  13. NICK CAVE & THE BADSEEDS - Magneto
  14. SOULWAX - Heaven Scent
  15. BADBADNOTGOOD - Confessions II (Featuring Colin Stetson)
  16. NICOLAS JAAR - Three Sides of Nazareth
  17. WILD BEASTS - Alpha Female
    – Nancy & Barb from Stranger Things
  18. ELUVIUM - Fugue State
  19. DEAD LIGHT - Bloom
  20. MERCHANDISE - Lonesome Sound
  21. EL PERRO DEL MAR - breadandbutter (@WizardLizard)
  22. FACTORY FLOOR - Ya (@bornin69x)
  23. PATTI SMITH - Gloria
  24. DEFTONES - Prayers/Triangles
    – Fiona Brice - Berlin
  25. PJ HARVEY - Down by The River
  26. DAVID BOWIE - I’m Afraid of Americans (Nine Inch Nails mix)
  27. NINE INCH NAILS - La Mer
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Little update: the station liked the show and have asked me to do it monthly. Will be sure to have guests on in future so I have someone to chat with as the speaking into an abyss thing is odd.

If you could all have a listen and share the show it will really help when I start trying to find a sponsor for it.