Best of the Year Lists 2018

Hi All,

I’m curious if you’ve seen any great non-music lists. Was thinking about how different people present their lists outside of music, which seems to do almost the same thing on every site.

Just compiled and published all of our staff favourites and have made the overall list in a doc based on the votes, but just thinking there must be a more interesting way to display it than the norm.


You could pioneer not having ranked lists because assigning artificial hierarchies to artworks is kind of an odd way to assess culture, when you think about it. It isn’t a competitive activity, is it.

(I’m actually serious, but I’m not sure that anyone else agrees with me about this)

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65th. Get in!

Well, yeah. I’ve seen a few places do a number one and then just 10 more albums to investigate. I was thinking of doing just a top 5 and then 20 more essential albums to listen to.

A few years ago I refused to pick a number one and just did a user vote from a top 5 and everyone hated me.

There was also that time I picked Emeralds on a whim, as there was no clear “winner” and people were baffled by it.

TheQuietus have done unranked lists a few times and to be honest I’m not sure many people knew what to focus their attention on. Maybe it was more beloved than I realised.

Feels pretty odd running another list based on lists, where very few people need to agree to make something soar to the top of the pile.

Probably just me being contrary, tbqfh.

i like ranked lists :man_shrugging:


If it’s 10 or maybe 20 unranked albums then that’s fine, if it’s 50 or 100 there’s no point.

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I find them a bit John Cusack in High Fidelity.

Nobody should pay any attention to my opinions though, I don’t really read music journalism anyway.

he posted to the Internet music forum


Can I just shock you?

Got fucking Los campesinos stuck in my head now you bastards

Decided not to do anything particularly radical in the end Drowned in Sound's 15 favourite albums of 2018 - the reaction