Best on-screen couple

  • Victor and Margaret Meldrew
  • Mulder and Scully

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I know, I know - they didn’t get together until the later seasons. but these are the big two, we can all agree.

discussion of other wrong options below, please.


bob and linda burger


It’s these guys…



Jack and Vera ffs


Ross and the monkey


In a serious thread you’d be right but in this one it’s Spock & Bones.


Marge and Norm from Fargo, or Dale Cooper and Harry Truman


Max and OB or Lee and Bombhead


Beat me to it!


R2 and C3P0

Harry and Sally

Bobby and Paulette in Adventureland (Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig)

Marge and Norm Gunderson


Mrs Mangle and Bouncer


it’s absolutely this


these two do seem like they could inherit the title from the two power couples in the OP. good shout, shrewbie.


Oak furniture land lads


see, I feel like Coop was in a long-distance relationship with Cole, so I can’t really accept Coop and Truman.


that’s his dad, right? or are they going out


Zippy and George


Mr. and Mrs. American, from The Americans


Hank and Marie in Breaking Bad were pretty great actually


Karl and Susan
Harold and Madge
Lou and Mishka