Best options for paying to watch a film/documentary

There are a number of films/documentaries that I want to watch but which aren’t on streaming services and the DVD is expensive or hard to find.

In those circumstances, what are my best options for finding a paid-for version to watch? Which services have the best range of content and reasonable prices (particularly if I only want to watch the thing once)? Is there a true modern day equivalent of Blockbuster?

I understand (from a friend) that there are certain not-paid-for options that one might use - I am (genuinely) not interested in those, officer.

YouTube has one off streams of most films for £2-4 and obviously the interface is really easy.

This site shows you where you can stream or rent anything, along with the price and definition/quality


Yeah YouTube is suprisingly low-key about what a vast range of cinema it has available to rent and buy but so much is on there.

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oh perfect, thanks very much! like nav says, I wouldn’t have realised youtube was a viable option. I tend to rotate between the streaming services one at a time to keep them on their toes so that website is really useful too. much appreciated - case closed.

Yeah it’s great. Wish it could sync up with something like letterboxd so you could get all your film recommendation needs sorted in one place

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