Best outro

Fade outs are shit. Clichéd endings are shit. Sudden stops are alright.

Good outros are the cat’s pyjamas. Besides Sir Psycho Sexy (which is clearly the correct answer to ‘what’s the best outro of all time?’, what have you got?

I’ve got these:

and the real answer

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Throwing out anything where I stop and ask myself “is this really an outro?” (anything off of Lift Yr Skinny Fists, “Starla” by the Pumpkins, “Bulletproof” by the Afghan Whigs, etc.)

It has to be “Hummer” by the Pumpkins

Some runners up off the top of my head, assuming only one per band:

“Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset” by Modest Mouse

“Untrustable Part 2” by Built to Spill

“A Song for the Dead” by QOTSA

“Plastic Empire” by Burning Brides

“Kissing the Beehive” by Wolf Parade

“B & E” by Nothing

I’ll stop for now, I feel like I could go on for hours. Nothing beats a good outro.

Two minutes later and I think I already may have to change my answer to “Hello Kitty Kat”…

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This thread could exclusively be Pumpkins outros:

Hello Kitty Kat
Thru the Eyes of Ruby
For Martha
Bury Me


First things first, I’ve no problem with fade-outs. They’re graceful and elegant!

But that said, you can’t beat a good outro.

Obvious but good. 4:34 onwards


Hey Jude, just to annoy the anti-Beatles peeps

The ridiculous guitar-fest that is the final track from Kvelertak’s debut.

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Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened


Normally fade-outs are terrible, but I have a real soft spot for Converge’s ‘Jane Doe’ (the track)

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Well, The Apostate by Swans sure has an intense outro.

always loved the outtro to interpol’s not even jail. not a great track but totally mixes it up with the outtro

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Never, NEVER, start a ‘what’s the best…’ thread and use RHCP as an example


Fantastic outro.

is that cause it means the song is finally ending?



Another really good one is from the latest Dirty Projectors. The album itself is a very mixed bag but the outro to Up In Hudson is astounding:

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