Best Pink Floyd album


Classic devs


I put meddle as an indie points choice but really it’s WYWH or DSotM (though the latter suffers from heard-it-too-often-to-give-a-shit)


ABTW (Anything But The Wall)


WYWH is kinda overplayed too tbh, kinda hoping to find one of the ones i haven’t heard is amazing


Not sure they’ve ever topped the Live in Pompeii film TBH


well side 2 of meddle (echoes) is pretty good right?


those 2 80s albums have aged terribly


I dispute they were ever that good to begin with


Hmmmm. Probably not.


oh yeah this is actually what prompted my renewed interest. watched it t’other night, reet good it were.


Dave Gilmour with his top off. :kissing_heart:


a good looking young man, no doubt


The crowd erupted.


i was enjoying meddle until ‘you’ll never walk alone’

wtf mates

oof san tropez is awful as well


think i’ve decided that i don’t like pink floyd


The Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason are childhood bangers for me. Next time we go on a road trip let’s play them!


rog waters solo

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Amused to Death


Enjoyed him at Glastonbury 2002, but i was, well no, more it was the Sunday and i’d been there a while.


Of the two, I think The Division Bell is way better.