Best Pink Floyd album


Tough decision between Wish You Were Here and Animals. Animals has always been my favourite but Wish You Were Here is growing on me.

Interesting how unpopular The Wall is on here, I always thought that was widely considered one of the best albums of all time or something.


Love love love animals despite it’s generally seething vibe.

Dsotm, wywh, meddle and animals are obvs their best.


very much Amused To Death. The newie is pretty good too…


The Wall is pretty great, but less outwardly enjoyable than DSOM, WYWH and Animals. A lot of the tracks make little / no sense in isolation and judged on their own merits can be a bit… turgid. Not that it doesn’t have it’s highlights.

To really enjoy the wall you’ve got to commit an hour and a half and let yourself be swept up in the whole thing - that way the Trial (at the end of disc 2) ends up sounding like a sort of triumph rather than a strangely pompous pseud-opera thingy. Seeing Roger play it live was one of the better gigs I’ve ever been to. A room full of pissed Floyd fans chanting “Tear down the Wall!” whilst giving the hammer salute to the stage will stay with me a long time.


I’m surprised also - pleasantly so. Not that it doesn’t have its moments, but it’s basically Roger venting his spleen, and I would be unable to commit myself to listening to the whole thing without wanting to yell “Get over it, Roger”.

I recently saw Waters in concert, and I pretty much enjoyed it from beginning to end - but I had known in advance that the setlist would be heavily skewed towards the Floyd middle period - DSOTM, WYWH, Animals, with a smattering of The Wall, and some of his solo songs. I would have no interest in his Wall concerts, and it annoys me how he has milked the concept for 30+ years.


But it’s just as iconic as those albums though, maybe even their most iconic album after DSOTM (I’ve always perceived DSOTM, WYWH, Animals and The Wall as their four biggest albums).

I mean there was even a film made about it (which was my first experience of Pink Floyd, watched it as a teenager with my parents before I was even into music, so maybe that’s skewed my impression of it).


I have to say I would have always assumed this.


I think The Wall is generally held as one of the most impressive concepts I guess rather than a great album.

I mean obviously Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 is a schoolkid’s dream (despite there being no context behind that) and Comfortably Numb has that whole 9 minutes and two solos thing but the rest of it is pretty odd.

The film is decent although I think it’s an Alan Parker film that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with? Part of the issue seems to be that Roger Waters seems a petty sort of guy so the DVD has this commentary by him and I think Scarfe that’s fairly mean about Parker from what I recall.

Parker’s other films are generally very good and he has decent commentaries on Mississippi Burning and Angel Heart so I was disappointed he wasn’t given a chance to talk about The Wall.


Ignoring Smashing Pumpkins fans obviously, what are the genuinely good rock double albums? I mean ones where you couldn’t make a much better single album?


Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
(not Blue Moves; that could easily have been trimmed down to a single album)

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Struggling to think of others. there are plenty of other double albums around, but not that many where much would have been lost by splitting them into either two single albums (if the quality merited it), or one (where it did not). A case could possibly be made for London Calling.


I think if they’d make two equally strong single albums they would still count. I just think often they are enjoyable to fans because they tend to have tracks on there that are a bit more…dunno, ‘naked’?

What I mean is that as a fan of The Beatles and of Pink Floyd I find a lot to love in both the White Album and The Wall and part of that is the stuff that doesn’t work because it’s an interesting side to a band that otherwise tended to put out very well worked stuff. There’s a lot of personal bits in there that otherwise might never have got released.

But I can’t really say these double albums deserve their status. Similarly I understand what Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds is doing and love the artwork etc but I never found myself going back to listen to it in full.


Who cares how iconic it is? It’s just not a good piece of work that veers towards the absolutely turgid for the most part.



Completely with you on this.


Who else ransacked their parents vinyl as a teenager and got into them that way?

I remember firing up the deck, grabbing the headphones and settling in for like 5hrs of pink floyd and command and conquer. Always happy to find that the records still hold up amazingly well and don’t just run on pure nostalgia.

Wish I could get the Time solo tone. Oh well.


I wish I’d gotten into them that way! My Da lost all his LPs when he was working in Dublin in the late seventies so I had nothing to inherit.

I assume I got interested in them as an extension of my early love for Led Zeppelin. I think I asked my Mam and she told me to buy DSOTM on CD. Cue utter obsession for two or three years, used to listen to them constantly. I remember shelling out £40 (old Irish punts!) for the Is There Anybody Out There? live album, at the height of my fandom.

Animals was the first LP I ever bought and I’ve picked a few more over the years. Bought The Wall for cheap earlier this year but it was awful. Had a nice moment when I heard the TV singing ‘In The Flesh’ last week and joined in with her on guitar. At least I got that nice memory out of that album!


Animals was one that dad didn’t have initially but my mate bought the vinyl when we were at uni and that, four tet’s rounds, the blueprint and fsol were on incredibly heavy rotation whilst we tried to smoke all the weed in Stoke on Trent so it’s one of those records where it’s kind of burned into me!

So remember watching the pulse shows in tv with dad, was an excellent rite-of-passage :grinning:

Go mum!


I care, but then again I’m a total nerd.

It’s not even my 4th favourite Pink Floyd album, I’m just a bit surprised it’s nobody else’s favourite


I’m a nerd as well (I mean, look at us, discussing Pink Floyd albums in 2018) but how iconic a work is has no bearing on how good the music is. Unless you really care about how an album sits in the codified rock canon (which is an unhealthy and close minded view in my opinion) then ignore its status and concentrate on the work itself. The music is what matters.


also applies to Dark Side of the Moon