Best Pink Floyd song

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I kind of think Time with the built in Breathe reprise is better but still for me WYWH and Comfortably Numb go further.

Every now and again I watch that Live 8 stand get a bit emotional


I’m quite a fan of Sheep (and obviously Time & Comfortably Numb)

Impossible to pick which is best.

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Dogs innit

What’s the shortest one?


Bike, maybe?

I’d have to say ‘Bike’


the Scissor Sisters version of Comfortably Numb



Echoes is a stunning piece of music


I used to watch the Live at Pompeii video on VHS every day when I was 17 and trying to learn to drum. Hard to pick a best song though. Pink Floyd are great, they get an unfair panning on here.


When this settles down, it is so uplifting. Not watched / listened to this for years. Superb.

Fearless is would perhaps be in my top 5.

I got into Floyd long time before I started reading music papers, so I was isolated from other folks opinions of them. I always thought it was sign of good character that a very young teenager could listen to long tracks like Echoes, Shine On YCD and albums like Animals. However upon buying NME and Melody Maker I learned pretty fast the mighty Floyd were derided by a lot of people. Hah oh well. All these years later I’d still put them in my top 5 artists of all time. I think I read the hgatr thread and it was as expected. A mixture of absolute love and absolute hate.

Pleased to meet some fellow Floyd fans :handshake:

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Pigs On The Wing (part 1) is 1.29

That might be the shortest. Not a fan I presume.

Pigs (three different ones)

There are roughly 50 acceptable answers though.

I’ve got a soft spot for High Hopes. No idea why they get a bad rep on here either…

I wrote some thoughts on all their studio albums up to and including The Wall some years back. I would change my take a little now and I now really rate The Division Bell. With hindsight Pink Floyd developed in such a natural way musically. I would seriously draw comparisons with Radiohead who to me feel like a Post insert genre take on Pink Floyd, I hear a lot of similarities.


Agreed - they’re probably my two favourite acts of all time and seem to push similar buttons (including winding up a lot of people who fucking hate them). I wonder what Roger Waters (or Syd even) would have sounded like if they had come of age in a word of synthesisers and electronica.

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Block Rockin Beats?

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I always thought this, but Whosampled would have us believe otherwise…

Apparently it is used in Taste in Men by Placebo though… which I always thought was a Block Rockin Beats sample.

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