Best Pink Floyd song

I think Richard Wright on keyboards would, in an age of electronica have been noticed more. There’s a lot of soul in their music and they move through the decades well but their true sound probably lies within Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here. These two albums feel like they found the right clothes, it is hard to deny their charm and sheer musicianship. The Wall is such a fitting album to end the 70’s, in ways I wish it was their last album, had that been so their development would be right up there as the best of any band ever.

Anything off unmagumma for me

Just realised I’ve never actually listened to Dark Side…gonna give it a go now (only listened to Animals, The Wall and Final Cut previously and liked them all to an extent)

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I was completely obsessed by The Wall at age 13/14. It seems as though I played it every day for a couple of years from beginning to end. Almost like a ritual. Of course the themes of alienation against teachers, my parents fitted perfectly at that age. Also the connection to my grandfather who was a key figure when I was growing up who fought in World War 2 as did Roger Waters father who died (which is an interesting story in itself) and the dreamy escape of Comfortably Numb. Just a fantastic record.

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It’s probably something off A Momentary Lapse Of Reason or The Division Bell and I don’t give a shit what anyone says

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Might have been more prominent too - it works nicely as is though, providing the backbone to everything. It’s a big thing that distinguishes their sound from everyone else’s. One of the reasons why The Final Cut doesn’t actually sound like Pink Floyd.

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See Emily Play


I don’t think they get an unfair assessment on here TBH. For a band that lasted as long as they did with so many different sounds and albums I think they get a decent level of respect. HGATR was 3.15 which means more people giving them above 3 than below, which is a very good score for a band like this.

All subjective though - I would argue that anything less than a 5.9 would be an unfair assessment. But then, I feel that anything over 0 for Weezer is ludicrously generous. I’m probably a little wrong on both counts.

A 5.9 out of 5?

Astronomy Domine or Shine On You Crazy Diamond for me…though my favourite Pink Floyd song does change, so in a couple of month’s time this could be a different answer…

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At least