Best Pink Floyd song

It’s probably something off A Momentary Lapse Of Reason or The Division Bell and I don’t give a shit what anyone says

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Might have been more prominent too - it works nicely as is though, providing the backbone to everything. It’s a big thing that distinguishes their sound from everyone else’s. One of the reasons why The Final Cut doesn’t actually sound like Pink Floyd.

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See Emily Play


I don’t think they get an unfair assessment on here TBH. For a band that lasted as long as they did with so many different sounds and albums I think they get a decent level of respect. HGATR was 3.15 which means more people giving them above 3 than below, which is a very good score for a band like this.

All subjective though - I would argue that anything less than a 5.9 would be an unfair assessment. But then, I feel that anything over 0 for Weezer is ludicrously generous. I’m probably a little wrong on both counts.

A 5.9 out of 5?

Astronomy Domine or Shine On You Crazy Diamond for me…though my favourite Pink Floyd song does change, so in a couple of month’s time this could be a different answer…

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At least