Best places for flat hunting in London?


looking for either one bedroom place or a large room in a shared house. must be couple and pet friendly. budget… up to £1,000 pm including council tax. to move in in September.




yeah that’s where I’m looking actually but anywhere cheap that isn’t miles away from where fun things happen. but yeah… which sites, fb pages etc. do people use? how did you find yours?


My wee bro has just moved to tulse hill, he likes it.
Sorry thats all I’ve got


Spareroom for shares coz you can find people to buddy up with or rightmove for your own place. Gumtree seems to have died a bit.


Spareroom / Flatshare first priority
Gumtree if you get really desperate
Facebook for those sweet friend hookups


Crystal Palace. You could something like this


I’m sort of in the same boat looking for a new place but not having done so for the past 4 or so years. seems to be quite good, and there’s zoopla/gumtree too obvs.


that’s a bit over our budget at the moment. we’re still looking for jobs so ideally would be something more like £800 before charges.


You could live with my mum. She has a cat and likes to talk about friends you’ve never met, her allotment, and all the holidays she goes on.


Ok. That was 2 bedroom, but definitely looks around Crystal Palace/Sydenham/Anerley/Forest Hill.
/Gipsy Hill

I’m sure you’ll find something. The areas got decent transport links with the Overground. You’ve got Crystal Park and The Crystal Palace triangle which is lovely.

Or look around Addiscombe, Croydon. Lovely period properties, parks and a villagey high street and very close to East Croydon for fast 20 minute trains into London.


there are groups on facebook (if you are even on it mate) that can be quite good. Specifically SE London (which you should live in cuz it’s the best) one I’m in always has leads


very pleased with this south london news btw. :ok_hand:


Not anymore since parts started appearing on the tube map. My advice is to go for areas not on the tube map, but has a decent National Rail service and night bus routes.


where in London (relatively close to where fun happens) isn’t on the tube map?


Yeah, get yerself down to SE innit, basically the only affordable bit left. Recently moved north of the river and the extra money combined with property downgrade is really tough to swallow.


just messaged a guy looking for a couple or single person to move in who is pet friendly and works in/has really similar interests to me :slight_smile:


Not anymore. Use to be and I like it that way.

There were loads in zone 2 and parts of zone 3 (close to zone 2) before TfL took over the Silverlink metro services and rebranded it as the London Overground and added them to the tube map. Over the years, they’ve added parts of SE London (New Cross to West Croydon via Crystal Palace) and now NE London (London Fields and Hackney, but they were relatively expensive anyway).

The London Mayors know adding stations to the tube map is politically popular because it increases house prices. That’s why I’m against it.


ok there are loads of places. this is less stressful than I had anticipated.


It depends on where you will be working and/or going out, and also how you will be getting to work.

Depending on where your office will be, there are a few places that could be the right balance between affordable and offering good access, but without knowing that, it’s a little difficult to say.