Best places for food near waterloo?

tomorrow evening before we see Bridget Christie at half 9

3 of us, 1 member of group doesn’t like spicy food, other than no requirements

any suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

Nandos Stamford Street, great branch.

Southbank Centre food market is good if it’s on.

Marie’s Thai Cafe (v cheap, BYO)

The Lord Nelson (beer and fucking enormous burgers)

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wahaca have a burrito truck on south bank which is decent/10
otherwise it’s basically wagamama or gtfo

Oh yeah, Bleecker Street too if you like your burgers wiggy.

I like Culture Grub on The Cut, if it’s even still there. A small Chinese cafe, pretty cheap and they move you on as soon as you’re finished.

why the shit are you all recommending outdoor places? have you even SEEN OUTSIDE

Very warming for a day like this.

There’s a Ecco pizza on Lower Marsh thats quick & cheap as, on the same road as Marie’s Thai Cafe which I’d also recommend.

If you have time to make a bit more of a thing of it, then Meson Don Felipe on The Cut is a nice sit down option.

Hope & Anchor on the Cut (no booking though so might be risky). There’s a big Wahaca on the corner there too.

You eat quickly outside then you sit in the southbank centre bar and have a few beers isn’t it.

fuck eating outside in this weather tbqh

Enjoy your cycle home nicola.

You’d get in the Waterloo tap Shirley?


that place is fucking COLD

@iamwiggy just go to the Lord Nelson. LOOK AT THE MENU

They also have 9 (nine, yes, count them) veggie burgs:

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Or this, yeah!

Meson Don Felipe for nice tapas or Taz, both on the Cut. And Taz are geared up for getting people out on time for theatre bookings.

wahaca also have an INSIDE (for squares)

Fucking hell! So! Many! Exclamation! Marks!