Best Podcast EPISODES



Not best podcasts, you chumbawumba.

This thread is for really fucking good episodes, NOT just a podcast name, but a particularly good episode too.


I’ll start with 99% Invisible. The Mojave Phone Booth was a great one.

This will be a great thread.

Monday thread

The episode of Wikishuffle where it’s revealed Phil used to work in the Golden Wonder crisp factory and it descends into hilariously bizarre minutiae of crisp manufacturing.


The latest Parapod about JFK was incredible


Invisibilia - The Problem With The Solution

Big fan of Invisibilia in general (pretty much enjoyed every episode bar the last two which felt like filler) but think this is probably my favourite one, looking at a town which takes a different view on mental illness.


Comedy Bang Bang - Time Bobby or Kid Detectives

Tough to decide between the two. At a push, probably Time Bobby, but that was the first one I’d ever heard, so may be biased.


The Ricky Gervais Fame one


Both Louis CK WTF episodes obvs.

All of the Harris Wittels episodes of Comedy Bang Bang but the Farts and Procreation ones in particular. (The first Nathan Fielding appearance is great as well)


For me on 99PI it’s a toss up between:

the search for a symbol to warn people in the future away from nuclear waste episode :

and the Kowloon Walled City one:


Reply All:
83 - voyage into pizzagate
79 - boy in photo
64-67 - On the inside
50 - the cathedral


do you ever listen to a podcast more than once?


Don’t be silly


best episode of RHLSTP:


Any time Garth Jennings is on Adam Buxton’s podcast they’re usually great, but the last fifteen minutes of this episode where they talk about going to a restaurant in Paris is probably the funniest thing I’ve heard on a podcast, particularly the impression of a michelin starred restaurant owner:


That Kowloon one was great.


The Heart bugs the shit out of me, but I gave this episode a listen after hearing an edited version on This American Life. A woman who underwent FGM when she was a kid confronts the problems it has caused her and the family members responsible. Properly gripping.


Another podcast I never listen to, but had this episode recommended. If you want to spend an hour with your jaw dropped and your head in your hands, give this a listen:

Disturbed the shit out of me.


Louis CK on WTF x2 (don’t like Maron in general, mind)
Louis Theroux on Adam Buxton, singing Yes Sir I Can Boogie
Obvs every episode of Adam and Joe
The one where a guy drinks some wood on the Ellis James & John Robins podcast
Hardcore History: The Wrath of the Khans
The episodes of Athletico Mince where Bob Mortimer goes to Seff Effrica
The Mormon episode of Sex With Strangers was really interesting


second the Louis Theroux one


Those 99% Invisible episode mentioned upthread really are top notch.

Chapo Trap House is fantastic and this episode - their reaction to Trump’s election - is the episode that (rightly) made the podcast’s name.


This episode of Love + Radio is another personal highlight -