Best Podcast EPISODES



Only just saw this referenced in this thread and am baffled at how I seem to have not spotted this in the big Talkhouse list


Does anyone listen to ID10T? It’s what used to be called The Nerdist.

Anyway, listen to the Peter Serafinowicz episode from March 8th. He talks about a re-version of A Day In The Life he did using the remastered tracks he got from Giles Martin, and they play it at the end. He says he always had an issue with how short the McCartney bit was, he wanted to know more about the guy in the story. So he expands on it…

Senesational (amusing). It’s about quarter of an hour long.


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I’m really happy that others here are also listening to RU Talking REM re: Me. It’s such an odd pod but it’s quickly become my favourite one, especially after some long work days.

And it’s meant that I’ve basically listened to nothing but REM for two months. The tv hates it, hates how much I play REM but I will forever crack up at the fact that every time she walks in on me listening to it they are talking about something completely unrelated to REM


Just read on Twitter that Dave have announced a new Widdecombe & Acaster fronted show called Hypothetical, which totally rips off Do The Right Thing. Danielle Ward, the presenter and creator, pitched the show to Dave a year ago and they rejected it. Such poor form.


I listened to all of the Labour Days podcasts last week and thought this one was good.

Also, the one that gives a history of the IWW if you’re into that sort of thing.


That is shitty.

Though I will say that one saving grace of that is that DtRT and Flatslam work so well because of the looser podcast form allowing for the more ramshackle stuff to go on. The tightness and polish of a TV game show would probably do away with some of what’s so great about those 'casts.

On a semi-related note, I wish I could go back in time and re-experience hearing Fanshawe Standon for the first time all over again


I just realised the history of the IWW wasn’t by labour days it was from the working class history podcast:


This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to, it’s Ari Shaffir interviewing a fellow comedian who before he started comedy happened to be a journalist who on 9/11 was doing a story at a nearby firestation. He ended up being one of the first responders at the WTC’s and describes what he saw, it’s fucking heavy listening, really brutal but so fascinating. Recommended if you like gnarly stories, but will definitely ruin your day.


Are you talking about this?


yeah sorry man, thought i’d linked it!


Love Todd but the other dude is so annoying, didn’t say anything funny at any point. Also how bad is Todds music knowledge, holllyy shit.

Everyone check out sodajerker if they haven’t already, they interview musicians in depth about song writing…

And spotify is analysing the work of Frank Ocean in depth


Not sure this gives due credit to the guy who does Dissect. He’s just been fortunate enough to get their sponsorship/money to help him do it as a living. Previously he’d thank people who had donated the most money to keep him going - he’d be thanking his mum. Currently on the MBDTF episodes. Eagerly anticipating the Frank episodes, despite his selling out to the man :wink:


This dude wants to be Ricky Gervais so bad


Sweet recommendations :slight_smile:


Enjoyed this interview in this week’s This American Life:

Frank Borman - an astronaut on the Apollo 8 mission who was/is completely indifferent to space exploration and his experiences. His explanation as to why he thinks Casablanca is a romantic movie (and the interviewer’s response) is chucklesome.


The first episode in the new season of My Dad Wrote A Porno had me laugh out loud a few times, despite the fact that I was ready to write it off as a dead concept and give up on it at this point.


This is genius


The Guardian’s audio long reads are exceptional. I listen to them in bed. Brilliant stuff.

Best ones i’ve heard…


This exact thing has been going on in my house too. I’ve been really hammering both this podcast and R.E.M’s back catalogue for months now…to the point where I’ll be listening to them while cooking in the kitchen and Mrs Z will come in from another room and ask if I can just listen to another band for a bit.

So, even the residual sound of R.E.M after passing through brickwork is a complete anathema to her at this point…