Best Podcast EPISODES



Only just saw this referenced in this thread and am baffled at how I seem to have not spotted this in the big Talkhouse list


Does anyone listen to ID10T? It’s what used to be called The Nerdist.

Anyway, listen to the Peter Serafinowicz episode from March 8th. He talks about a re-version of A Day In The Life he did using the remastered tracks he got from Giles Martin, and they play it at the end. He says he always had an issue with how short the McCartney bit was, he wanted to know more about the guy in the story. So he expands on it…

Senesational (amusing). It’s about quarter of an hour long.


Holla! // // //



I’m really happy that others here are also listening to RU Talking REM re: Me. It’s such an odd pod but it’s quickly become my favourite one, especially after some long work days.

And it’s meant that I’ve basically listened to nothing but REM for two months. The tv hates it, hates how much I play REM but I will forever crack up at the fact that every time she walks in on me listening to it they are talking about something completely unrelated to REM