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Yeah I couldn’t be less of a foodie and I still love it

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well by the end of part 2 they said its a shame iraq went the way it did because it’s made the US “reluctant to intervene elsewhere” (lol). and obama “overthought” the situation whereas bush would have “at least taken action” in 2011. and the co-host said she supported bombing last year cos it shows “we see you”. i have no idea what form of anarchism this is tbh. i can’t believe someone as smart as him is still saying this weird shit about america having good intentions in 2019.

Mike Duncan covering Historical Materialism on Revolutions is one of the most educating half hours ever:


Robert Evans is speaking from the position of someone who has been to these countries, reported from them, lost friends in the conflicts. I also totally disagree that he’s conflating being “anti-imperialist” with being “assadist”. It’s simply a fact that many people who oppose intervention in Syria are susceptible to e.g. white helmet conspiracy theories, anything which allows them to justify their position of doing nothing.

I think you’re bringing your own prejudice to this. At no point does he imply the US has “good intentions”, he simply said that no fly zones would have prevented thousands and thousands of deaths. Do you think that’s untrue?

sorry dude, I’ve been on hols. i keep trying to reply but it keeps morphing into an effort post. if you’re interested, i might try to dig up sone articles that read better than me going off on one about this war again? feel free to ignore this tho.

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I’m definitely interested. I have a severe bias in favour of Evans’ position on almost anything because he always seems to be coming from a place of real-world knowledge. Anything that challenges that and makes me a better critical thinker can only be a good thing, but it’s not your job to educate me :slight_smile:

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okay, I’m fully back in the uk and as you can tell my sleeping pattern is knackered. so i found this article on jacobin a while back (quite weird cos they mostly have a stance broadly sympathetic to evans’), and most of it chimes with my own thoughts. its super informative and the links within it are well worth a read too. but i don’t want you to think i am palming off a google search as an answer instead of replying to your post directly with my own thoughts, so if you insist on being bored rigid i can DM you my effort post, no pressure like :wink:

The latest Revisionist History ‘Descend into the Particular’ is absolutely nuts. Quite an uncomfortable listen, haven’t stopped thinking about it.

Did you see this??

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oh cool. i always wonder how they get across the border esp if he went via turkey. speaking of which have you seen the news about rojava this week, doesn’t look good does it :frowning: