Best Podcast EPISODES

There are lots, it is a pretty consistently great podcast. These are a few I remember being very good and interesting:

These are quite recent ones, but there are loads of good ones.


For anyone with THAT song in their head:

(note the upload date)


Love that the channel is the ‘obscure music’ channel

Christ it’s an awful song isn’t it

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Deserves its own HGATR thread. Let the people decide.

Wow. Listening to that version and it sounds so different as I have my podcasts playing at 1.25x. At that increased speed it sounds even more like Bare Naked Ladies song.

Have been quite enjoying the episode of chapo where they talk about Sorkin and the West Wing. Much prefer them when they do cultural criticism

Broken Record is more miss than hit, aside from one episode which was so damn interesting where Rick Rubin interviewed Andre 3000. Andre just let it all out, it was fascinating and you really felt for him throughout it all.

I know it’s been mentioned elsewhere on the boards (and rightly so) but realised it hadn’t been explicitly mentioned here so I thought I’d do so.

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There’s a new series of Articles of Interest, the sub-podcast of 99% Invisible, which is ostensibly about fashion. The latest one, about perfume, is absolutely astonishing, properly opened my mind in a way I wasn’t expecting. It’s only about 25 minutes long, so definitely worth listening to.


Supernova V was just released and frankly the stuff at about an hour into it about what soldiers had to deal with is incredibly powerful. It’s a great series though so worth going back to listen to all of it

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