Best Podcast EPISODES



the dollop has several classics:

huey long
lapd part 1
american vampire panic
north pole madness

have actually lol’d a lot while listening to these guys.


There was a jocko willink podcast about the rape of Nanking recently that was brilliant , and one that had an interview with the American who has spent the longest time as a POW which was also great. You have to filter out the bro stuff either side of his interviews but the interviews themselves are often fascinating.

The radiolab one about hoarding was also great, and Chris Jericho’s with a survivor of the Great White tragedy


Had others popping into my head all day.

The Radio Diaries episode on the background to Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit is good. A hard listen though.

Mystery Show was one of those podcasts that I found more enjoyable than interesting. The ‘Belt Buckle’ episode was really touching though.

Also, a few good Mortified ones. It’s slipped in quality in recent months, but some of the earlier ones are brilliant. Numbers 15 (Tynan - "Peace! One Love!) and 25 (“Why I hate the SATs”) are well worth a listen.


Cheers! I’ll give that a listen.


This episode of Heavyweight about a guy trying to get his CDs back from Moby…


An obvious one, but:

Also this:


Forgot about this one. It’s brilliant. Deadpan awkwardness all the way through.


Is it this one?

I’m genuinely gonna listen to all the suggestions in this thread, so wanna get it right


That’s the one. 30 solid minutes of crisp manufacturing detail.


Starts from 26 minutes in


William Friedken on WTF is a personal favourite.

The Obama episode is pretty cool too. .


Dr Buckles’ Michelin voice seconded.

Also, I laughed my jaffas off recently when Bob (on Athletic Mince) did impressions of both Marcus Rashford and Phil Jones. Perfect.


I highly recommend this. My eyes got a bit wet.


Second quite a few of these above, and I want to add 23 Weeks 6 Days from Radiolab:

Absolutely beautiful story of a couple talking about their premature baby. They revisited the story again quite recently, as well.


Hmm. Didn’t seem to want to embed that.


This is flippin’ great.


Desert Island Discs - Julie Burchill

Clarkesworld Magazine - The Lovers

You Must Remember This - Spencer Tracy

You Must Remember This - Judy Garland

Stuff You Should Know - Aids episodes 1 & 2

Escape - The Orient Express

Unbelievable? The Young Atheists Handbook - Alom Shaha & Tom Price (a beautiful open converstation between 2 men, in love with both of them after that)


If you realy are goi8ng to listen to all of these suggestions please do so in this order…

1.Desert Island Discs - Julie Burchill

2.Unbelievable? The Young Atheists Handbook - Alom Shaha & Tom Price (a beautiful open converstation between 2 men, in love with both of them after that)

3.Clarkesworld Magazine - The Lovers

  1. Stuff You Should Know - Aids episodes 1 & 2

  2. Escape - The Orient Express

  3. You Must Remember This - Judy Garland

then the spencer tracy one


don’t know why 456 says 123 , it should say 456


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