Best Podcast EPISODES

Try the Staind Glass episode, its very much the Todd Glass show

From 2014? Over 2 hrs? Yeeesh. Ok, im downloading now, but this is your last chance, teekaycee.

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I feel under pressure now

As well you should, teekers. As well you should…


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I’m with you on this, haven’t really enjoyed that podcast on the whole. Have even come back to it a few times on the strength of those episodes, but just find my mind drifting off when listening usually. Those two episodes, however, had me laughing hard.

Ok. Have now listened to it. Quite a few funny bits. Some very. It took a while to get going, though (and for me to become attuned to the vibe). So many interruptions by the main guy! Enjoyed the guest (whose voice kept reminding me of Aaron Paul).


I’ll take that as a success!

I only finished the ep last night and the bit where he tries to guess a U2 song is great - ‘nope, that’s Wipeout by The Fatboys’


Pretty much the same reaction I had, it does take a while to get going, but when it did I didn’t want it to end.

Yeah, truly very funny, that. Best bit, I reckon.

Diving in to this now. This is going to be incredible!

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What’s the best podcast app?? Been using player fm for years but it’s probably rubbish. Don’t even know how to get patron episodes on there

I like Overcast, does what I want a podcast app to, eg create a playlist, listen at 2x speed, flexibility over what to download and keep. Nothing revolutionary, but you spend a few minutes setting up your preferences and then you don’t have to worry about anything. It’ll take Patreon feeds as well.


Yeah a huge +1 for Overcast.

Pocket casts for me


It gives you nice stats

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Ooh I didn’t know about the stats


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Podcast Addict for me, Clive.

I’ve heard of this and will listen but I can’t believe you’re making me listen to an American podcast

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I’ve always used Acast and it’s always been pretty good and seems to be one of the big ones.

However my feed has stopped updating in the last few weeks and I don’t know how to fix it. Can still get new episodes by going into My Shows but they don’t come up on the homepage anymore

Might have to try deleting and reinstalling but I’ve got a pile of downloads to get through first

Never listened to Josh Widdicombe and Rob Beckett’s Parenting Hell podcast before because I’m indifferent to both men and hate children, but they had Wozniak on last week and it’s an absolutely wonderful listen. I cannot get enough of that man.

There’s some old episodes with Horne and Watto among others so I’ll give those a go too