Best Podcast EPISODES



I do declare!


Steve Albini on WTF
Jordan B Peterson on Joe Rogan
the CRISPR episode of Radiolab, probably one of the best breakdowns of this particular subject that I’ve listened to.

Oh also The Cathedral episode of Radiolab easily one of the most emotional podcasts I’ve listened to.


Found it, downloading.


Can’t tell which episode exactly you mean of Athletico Mince


Reveal is often great and there are some excellent and rather shocking episodes. Most make you angry but the recent one is among the best. Its a positive story about a journalist whos became a smuggler.


I remember that one, was a beautiful ep.

I like Criminal, though the last ten or so haven’t done much for me, hoping it gets better again.


Other really good Reveal ones. An investigation into the child rape allagations concerning the Jehovah Witnesses. As well as opening you up to the cult like behaviors of the organisation. If you liked ‘Spotlight’ or are interested in Scientology like religious cults check it out:

This is also excellent and horrific look at commercial prisons. Really shows you how private busness does not always do it best:


Also which episode of the Ellis James & John Robins podcast do you mean?


Tbf any recent Athletico Mince is worth its weight in gold.

I forget which James & Robins one it is, but actually it was only that segment that I loved. It’s a consistently high quality throughout the podcast.


Started strong with the flask stuff and the ol’ false theory was spot on.

Didn’t enjoy the filler with the haiku etc. at the end though.

Still enough to make me want to listen again.

Great job!


ok, so I listened the Mojave phone booth episode which was great. I kept wondering if it was a fictional short story, is it?

Then I listened to the Red Dot…

Proper car crash stuff but I decided pretty early on that I was not going to put myself through listening to the whole thing. So I listened to the beginning and a few bits in between and the end. Do they ever tell you how old she was?


I imagine they don’t - I guess to make you think about his point about differences in offences and if any age under 14 on a par


I only started listening to this series because I was a big fan of the Peacock and Gamble podcast. Quite glad that I have the previous two series available for whenever I’m next left wanting something to listen to on a long journey.


Think that’s pretty much the only one I’ve listened to.


Have to admit, wasn’t loving it from the first half of the episode and the Zayn Malik stuff, felt like a bunch of friends finding something funnier than it deserved to be because they were all mates.

Second half won me over though, just because of the sheer volume of crisp facts that I’d never considered interesting enough to think about.

Was enjoyable, but not enough to listen to another one, particularly when they seemed so pleased with how well the episode had gone and spent a long time basking in it towards the end.


It was interesting hearing about Kowloon Walled City, not knowing of its existence before, but I didn’t think it was a particularly interesting episode per se, just a fascinating subject matter. Like reading a Wikipedia page on something interesting.

Haven’t listened to the other one yet.


Poor @Jook :frowning:


This is a disarming combination of potentially interesting content and unbearable wankers.





Well this is embarrassing.



Sounds about right tbf