Best Podcast Recommendations???

Any good ones you’re enjoying right now?

Hanging out with audiophiles

Ed Gamble and Matthew Crosby’s radio show


just got into the elis james and john robins one, apparently they’re doing some kind of crossover

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Price of Football

Theroux’s new one is really good. Thought the one with Bonham-Carter was surprisingly excellent even though it was about absolutely nothing.

Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast can be good but, you have to be selective on which ones to listen to cause some of them are disappointingly bobbins (the Run The Jewels one isn’t great)

Reply All
Against The Rules
Cautionary Tales
99% Invisible
This American Life
Where Should We Begin?.. With Esther Perel
Rough Translation
The Last Archive

Quite Like
Planet Money
Over The Road
Ghost Stories For The End Of The World
Mystery Show
In The Dark

Sometimes Good
Rule Of Three
Revisionist History
My Dad Wrote A Porno
Adam Buxton Podcast
Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP)
Science Vs.
Stuff You Should Know
Excuse The Mess
Surprisingly Awesome
Call Her Daddy
Tape Notes
Twenty Thousand Hertz
Articles Of Interest
The Moth
Marek’s Bedtime Stories

Usually Bad But With A Few Exceptions
Broken Record
WTF with Marc Maron
Song Exploder
The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project
Comedy Bang Bang
The Happiness Lab
R U Talkin’ R.E.M. RE: ME?

Serial Podcasts Worth Checking Out
The Chernobyl Podcast
Room 20
Dirty John
Jon Ronson The Butterfly Effect
Jon Ronson The Last Days Of August
The Edge Of Sleep


Will definitely check out Louis Theroux’s one, was listening to the latest one with him on the Adam Buxton podcast last night and realised that the reason I like those episodes so much is because Louis Theroux being silly is the best bit about them, so why am I still listening to Adam Buxton who I’ve gone right off lately, when Louis now has his own one?

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what are the best ones about?!

This is like a best albums thread where no one says what they are listing! (not a dig just interested)

I only listen to certain ones of the Adam Buxton one, generally any with Theroux or Joe and any with people who normally don’t do this sort of thing the Chris Morris one in particular.


Yeah on Sunday, its like a live stream.

Ej and JR did one the other week and they showed up, was good fun

Have you got into Elis and John on Five Live or Radio X?

Whats the gist of this? Keep meaning to check it out but always forget

Reply All - Started as a tech podcast, but became so much more, and has gotten better and better with time. The two hosts make it.

Heavyweight - The host tries to help people resolve deep-rooted conflicts and resentments, but is incredibly socially awkward himself. Think his personality is a bit marmite, but I find the guy mostly hilarious.

Against The Rules - Investigative podcast into social injustice in American society and the things which cause it. Same guy who did the book the film The Big Short is based on.

Invisibilia - Looks at psychological phenomenons and what we can learn from them. Isn’t as good as it was when it started, but has a lighthearted tone which makes the subjects easy to get into.

Cautionary Tales - Stories from history to give examples of how we’re repeating the mistakes in modern times.

99% Invisible - Started as a design podcast, but now covers so much in such a well researched and rich manner, it makes every subject it covers fascinating.

This American Life - Surely you know this one already, a weekly hour-long show broken down into acts which cover anything from investigative journalism, stories, guest spots from other podcasts. It’s basically The Best Of The Podcasts.

Where Should We Begin?.. With Esther Pere - Recordings from couples counselling with Esther Perel whose books are amazing and it’s a fascinating insight into a place where people usually wouldn’t hear from.

Rough Translation - Takes stories from around the world and looks at them from the non-American media perspective.

The Last Archive - Only heard one episode so far, so it’s a sneaky inclusion, but was a fascinating story so it’s in.


5Live ones. had only listened to a couple when they were on Radio X. is there a big difference between them?

It’s basically Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman making a podcast that covers R.E.M.'s back catalogue with the same level of seriousness as when I post on the music board.

Both of the Staind Glass episodes are fantastic though (take a little while to get going, but will make you want to hire drummers by the end).


Just move over to Gamble and Crosby now before you get so sick of Robins you wanna wring his neck

Aw, quite like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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XFM ones are probably funnier and less serious on the whole.


It’s not especially silly.

Currently loving Philosophize This! A really great entry level Philosophy course. Can’t get enough of it. Learning all about The Frankfurt School at the moment. Philosophize This!

Also enjoying The Boring Talks, short lectures on subjects that at first mention might sound dry or dull but are actually pretty fascinating The Boring Talks

I’m relistening to my two favourite comedy podcasts too.

The Parapod where two comedians discuss ghosts, mysteries and conspiracies. One of them genuinely believes (to a point where you can’t imagine knowing someone so gullible) and the other laughs his cock off at him. As I write this it sounds like something I’d hate but it’s actually very sweet and pretty wonderful. Infinite Hermit Podcasts

My other favourite is The Collings and Herrin Podcast. Andrew Collins and Richard Herring talk about what’s in the newspapers and anything else that takes their fancy. It’s the only time I’ve ever found Herring funny and I think it’s because he’s relaxed and enjoying himself. It starts out good and then after a few episode they hit their stride and it becomes amazing. Also, it’s like a time capsule because it’s from 2009 so you’re constantly having your memory jogged and reminded of a better time when we weren’t all so obviously fucked. The Collings and Herrin Podcasts