Best post 1988 Fall albums

So after their classic run, what are your favourite fall albums? For me the best ones are
-remit (one of my favourites by them actually)
-imperial wax solvent

The 90s stuff never left much of an impression on me, though levitate was ok, and the Marshall suite was also decent.

Although I’ll always rate 80s Fall highest, there are a lot of really good post 1988 albums

Extricate (1990) is a really good album
Shift Work (1991) and Code:Selfish (1992) are both patchy but well worth listening too, with four or five good songs on each.
The Infotainment Scan (1993) is a notch above those two
The next three are ok without being essential (although like all Fall albums they each have at least a couple of good songs)
Levitate (1997) and The Marshall Suite (1999) are both excellent- feisty, pounding, left-field art rock Fall at close to peak potency.
The Unutterable (2000) is a slight drop but still a very good album
Are You Missing Winner (2001) is a stinker, possibly the worst Fall album ever, but still has the superb Crop Dust on it
The Real New Fall LP (2003) is a stunning return to form and one of the best post 2000 Fall records
Fall Heads Roll (2005), Reformation Post TLC (2007) and Imperial Wax Solvent (2008) are all solid, decent records
I think there are diminishing returns from the next three ending with Re-Mit (2013) which is a poor album
The last one Sub-Lingual Tablet (2015) was a partial return to form though, somewhat against the odds.

Of all of them Extricate, Levitate, The Marshall Suite and The Real New Fall LP are the best, with The Unutterable and The Infotainment Scan close behind.


I’ll defend the light user syndrome til I die. The 1st half is amazing, patchy 2nd half mind.
Pretty great synopsis from @bornin69 above.

Powder Keg :+1::+1::+1:

I’d probably go

  1. Marshall Suite
  2. Real New Fall LP
  3. Your Future Our Clutter

as my top three.

Real New Fall LP
Your Future Out Clutter
Imprerial Wax Solvent
The Unutterable

quite like Levitate as well, which i hadn’t expected to be any good. most of the 90s records have a few good tracks but are pretty hit and miss, i quite like how uncharacteristically melodic Shift Work is though.

oh yeah add Fall Heads Roll to that. used to find it a bit bland and overrated but it is pretty solid actually

i’ve put it on a few times on Spotify and turned it off cos i got so bored. i finally listened to it properly the other day and its quite not as terrible as i thought, though Ibis-Afro Man might be their worst song and there’s nothing on there i’d ever actively seek out aside from Crop Dust.

interesting that you rate Reformation as i’d say that’s another contender for their worst album. a couple of good tracks admittedly (Fall Sound particularly) but most of it sounds so limp to me. which is weird as that lineup sounds really good in live vids. a couple of tracks have sounded a bit less lifeless live as well.

my friend reckons Ersatz is their worst which is probably a fair shout, it’s grown on me a little bit from owning it which i imagine they all do to some extent, but it’s definitely not great, especially after two great albums from the same lineup. i definitely thought Re-Mit was better, it’s half good but stuffed with rushed sounding filler. Sub-Lingual is dragged down by a couple of shit tracks but is mostly solid i think.

seems to be just a cycle these days between awesome krautrock jams, half decent garage rock stuff and boring rockabilly plodding. would be nice if they’d stayed on Domino so they’d have someone to keep telling him to clean up the production and stop growling and gargling. i’m not usually a fan of label interference but they definitely did them a favour on YFOC, whereas i think Cherry Red would happily release a record of MES’ farts.

The biggest problem they have these days is Smith’s ruined voice. I think the band are actually covering up for him now. It’s painful to listen to him these days.

As for Reformation Post TLC, it’s a solid record, no more and no less. You’re probably right that I underrated Your Future, Our Clutter in my original post.


Extricate, Shiftwork, Code: Selfish. Probably not a popular view but I absolutely love these three albums. Think they are the among the last few that featured Scanlon / Hanley / Wolstencroft / Schofield. Which was the last great Fall line up for me.

I’m not a huge fan of fall heads roll (perhaps I haven’t moved out of the stage of finding it a bit bland), but it is massively redeemed by Blindness. I could probably make a case for that being my favourite fall song of any period.

Yeah although the Peel Session version far outshines the LP version.

What About Us is great too though